Butternut squash & sweetpotatoes Lasagne

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potatoes lasagne is one of my favourite types of lasagne .I love the taste of Butternut Squash with sweet potatoes. I love trying new recipes and found this recipe at BBC food .I was looking for vegetarian recipe , a while ago and found this one.I feel like cooking is art form and people don’t value how hard it is to cook good food.I feel like because its seen as women work e.g housewives  , its undervalued. My mum can really cook and I hope to be able to cook that well one day.Here’s the recipe I used.Don’t be afraid to try new recipes or create your own recipes.Please share , comment and share on social media .Love Betty.



For the white sauce

For the salad


Vegan Dinner

Hi folks I am trying to lose some puppy fat and help with my fibroids condition.By not eating too much red meat or white meat.As it’s not easy to digest when you have chronic pain.I have been looking at food blogs and BBC food website alot ,for inspiration  .And I’m also subscribed to alot of Asian food channel.Because Asian food has lots of flavour even without meat. One of the things I like to cook is a fusion of west African & Chinese food .This meal includes noodles ,ackee, tomatoes,pickles ,onions with sunflower oil and a Maggi vegetarian stock cube for taste.I also put a bit of West Indian hot pepper sauce to give my food some fire.Its was really lovely ,low in fat , supper tasty and easily to digest.  

Weight Loss and Health Eating

Its a official folks, I’ve loss 2 stone in weight via my new health eating plan and I’m super pride of myself.I’ve mainly just gone back to eating more West African food.And stop eating so much Western European food. The English food I was eating was fattening and its seem like Western European food seem to have meat with everything.Especially English food.

With English food if you take the meat out of it, it has no taste. Over the years I have put on 3 stone, just by eating mainly English and Western European Food.And I just didnt want to put on this extra weight.One of the reason I also put one weight,was due to changing jobs from stacking shelves in Asda, to working in a call centre all day. Plus as you age your metabolism slows down.

One day I woken up  and thought I have had enough of struggling with my weight and decided to go back to my roots and eat more of the West African food I grew up with.As I knew it has taste even without meat or fish and its low fat.I am also eating more Arab and West Asian food .As I grew up around the Curry mile in Manchester and I’m use to eating Samosas, Naan bread and Curry. Which is low fat and has taste without lots of meat or any meat in it.Meat is very fattening even Chicken and it takes a lot to burn it off as you age. If you want to see what I’m eating checkout my YouTube video on what I’m eating now .Please comment and share on social media

Thai Green Curry with Pasta & Chickpeas


Hey folks in times of austerity I’ve had  to reduce my intake of meat .As the cost of meat was to much for my weekly budget. This week I made Thai Green curry with pasta.I did cheat a bit as the Thai green curry was a Sainsburys tin soup version .But its still Thai Green curry.

First I chopped some broccoli and asparagus ,cooked it.Then added half a tin of Chickpeas. Then I put half a tin of Sainsburys Thai Green Curry with one whole Know vegetable stock cube.I then put some Hakkai Green Chill Sauce in.Cooked it for 4 mintues on a medium heat and Bobs your uncle ,the sauce was ready. Its was really beauty and tasty.I paired it with Linguine pasta .I would definitely recommended both products,especially if your looking for cheap tasty food on a budget. Please comment below and share on social media.



Aldi Smoked Mackerel Review

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Aldi Smoked Mackerel

Healthy eating on a budget is hard work , no matter what people say,especially when the DWP are paying the bills.Variety for me right now is difficult,when you have a wee wee budget like me.

I find myself looking in cookbooks ,flicking through YouTube channel and blogs for ways to spice up my food choice while being unemployed.

While shopping this week at ALDI, I saw Aldi’s Smoked Mackerel.I love Smoked Mackerel and usually buy it from Asda but since moving, Aldi is the nearest supermarket for me.

As I am trying to lose some of my puppy fat , I am trying to eat more fish and less meat.Aldi Smoked Mackerel was something I was keen to try for tea ( Dinner to you Southern lol) . I decided to have beetroot , cauliflower and the fish for my evening tea (Dinner) . As I tuck into my evening meal , my excitement turned to disappointed .The fish was horrible, it was nothing like Asda Smoked Mackerel I am use to buying.

The first thing that upset me ,was the amount of bones in it,I nearly choked serious times because of the bones. Asda smoked mackerel doesn’t have bones in it but Aldi’s fish was full of bones. I had to spend most of my time ,slowly unpicking the bones from the fish.Which got me more frustrated and made me more hungry.

Then as I manage to pick out the bones ,the fish tasted dry as hell and a bit tasteless.Its didn’t have that lovely smoked taste I’m use too.My secret Green Chill sauce , didn’t improve its dry taste.The fish seems to have no natural oil left in it ,compare to Asda smoked mackerel and by the end of dinner .I was frustrated and left to eat a bloody sandwich for my evening meal.

I won’t be buying that fish from ALDI again and I think I’ll be returning it back to the shop for a refund.I have to stick to buying it from Asda instead.

Tell me what you think , please comment , share and sub.

Love Betty.