Channeling Naomi Campbell

Winters drawing in ,I need some new hair.I have been getting fed up of big curly hair.I want that smooth Naomi Campbell look. As a teen growing up in UK .I got the stereotype comments ,you look like Naomi Campbell.

naomi 1
Naomi Campbell


Just because we were both black tall and slim. I didn’t even wear a long straight weave .I actually just had long box braids. Plus I don’t think we look a like,I think shes actually darker then me and my nose is longer .And my nose is straighter and its sticks out when you look at me from the side.Plus my nose is wider and Naomi has a cute button nose.Naomi also wears coloured contacts sometimes , I don’t .Shes still beautiful but we don’t look alike.But you know folks are blind.

Naomi Campbell

I think folks we trying to compliment me by saying we look alike but it didn’t really work lol. But I have been grazing at YouTuber Jocelyn Partee makeup look and hair .Its very Naomi Campbell Pocahontas inspired.Jocelyn so pretty .I dont know if I can wear the hair that long but I will give it a try.

Jocelyn Partee

Time to channel Pocahontas,watch this space.

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Kids Organics Shea Butter Hair Lotion

I have been looking for hair lotion for a while , as I have been using Hair pomade for years .And it’s not really worked out that well.My natural hair seems to break off lot. And the African Pride Gro pomade , just seems to get stuck in one place.Plus I find products like Old Fashion Blue Ultra sheen just dry my hair out.

The Blue Ultra sheen back in the day was my mum favourite hair cream .It gives great for shine but it will dry my hair out the next day.

I’ve been looking for more water based and glycerin products with Shea butter or oil in them lately. Luckily I found this product called Kids Organics hair lotion.It is mineral oil and petroleum free.Plus its has Glycerin ,Shea butter , Cacao Seed butter and lovely natural ingredients.Its lovely and runny and its easily to spread on my hair from root to tip.

The next day my 4a /b hair was still soft.I have very thick hair and the price of hair products without petroleum oil and minerals oil in them are very expensive e.g kinky curly, Shea Moisture, Carol Daughter.

The general cost of hair products has been burning a hole in my pocket.My unemployment benefit money just isn’t enough ,I seem to be constantly in debt.I always seem to forget to budget the cost of hair products and household cleaning products.But at only £2.99 it’s reasonable price.

I just wish the bottle was a bit bigger ,as my hair is thick and I have a lot of hair.

I would recommend this product for afro hair .

Natural Straight African Hair

As a women of African descent Its amazing the amount of blatant misinformation about what Africans look like.In Africa there were two types of Africans, Africans with natural straight to wavy hair and the Africans with curly to coily hair.They have always been there .The straight or wavy hair African can be found all over Africa.Plus folk move about especially as the Sahara expanse. The straight hair Africans we know left African in huge numbers that’s one of the reasons why you wont see them as much as the curly or coil hair African . (Plus they say straight hair genes is recessive and curly hair genes are dominate).Even though straight ,wavy hair African left, that’s doesn’t mean they all left .They still in Africa.There are number of African tribes that have straight wavy hair,Tuareg, Somali, Songhai,Fulani  etc.


African DNA is the most diverse on the planet.Right now Africans don’t control information ,so many people with a racist agenda seek to distort Africans contribution to humanity.I write my blog to try and redress this balance.

When I studied beauty school l had many people tell me black Africans only have coily hair .And curly ,wavy ,straight hair was given too them by a random Asian or white Europeans when there came to Africa. The official line is white people and Asians have a copyright on straight ,wavy hair.As well as blue eyes , green eyes, blonde hair etc. Most of these folks that told me this have never step one foot on Africa soil but have become an expert on Africans.

European Scholar and there cousins the Americans have no studied on natural straight African hair .The books always say Afro hair is one of Africa and ignore that not all black Africans have that hair type. Don’t bother going to hairdressing school to learn about difference types of African hair .AS THEY HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT DIFFERENT TYPES EXPECT ASIANS OR EUROPEANS.

girls and boys
Niger ,West Africa

Lucky though with the migration of Africans to Britain, people are starting to see Africans with natural straight or wavy hair. I see quite a few in Moss Side , Manchester. Its always a fun experience when your not use to seeing dark brown skin and naturally straight or wavy hair.


People of African descent, who can write in these European languages English , French, Spanish, Dutch must write books , articles ,make films to redress the balance .Or our story will never get told.Our future kids and there kids will be reading lies for generations too come


One of the most usually experiences, I had was in Nigeria meeting my cousin who was a old lady by then with dark brown skin and blue eyes. I nearly ran from the church.It was very scary .I was just not use to bright blue eyes with brown skin darker then my own. In Nigeria they call it pussy cat eyes.Its amazing the diverse of the Africa gene. I would recommend if your not use to the pussy cat eye Africans .Dont be rude as you might hurt the person feelings with the unusually eyes. I would brace yourself for these people .Green ,Grey, blue eye black African are all over Africa. Blue ,Grey, Green eyes are African recessive genes but these folks just pop up out of nowhere in Africa.

blue black

Here a video of a little beautiful black African Ugandan girl with blue eyes.

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Growing Long 4b Afro hair

I have been growing my afro hair with crochet braids for six years and I have about 10 inches at the front which is where my 4b hair is. And 14 inches at the back when my 4a hair is. My hair is equally split between 4b and 4a. I must admit I hate my 4b hair .Its coarse thick and hard to style. 4a hair is lovely , soft and grows more.



I have work out that I must be getting between 1 & 2 inches a year. It just doesnt seem right .I rarely use heat maybe 15 times in six years. as I wear crochet braids. constantly The only thing I have notice is after I take out my hair my ends constantly break.


I haven’t been moisturing my hair when it was in crochet braids ,when I first started wearing crochet braids.I only started moisturizing  the kanerows (cornrows) in the sixth year. I would only moisture my hair when I took it out ,which was once every four week.  I think this is the problem.


I have decided to take a multi vitamin and see if I can get this six inches everyone seem to talk about.I am taking Tesco vitamin for hair and skin


I don’t remember only having four inches after 2 years. I must be doing something wrong. I really need to do more with my hair and learn to cornrow with extension. I hate having short hair .Plus Manchester so cold without long hair.When payday comes I will buy Biotin, Vitamin c ,Omega 3 and take it for a year .And see how it goes. I am changing my hairstyle to long thick Tuareg Inspired plaits for the year and see if I can retain length as I will be able to deep conditioner once every two weeks.


Heres the Tuareg inspired hairdo.I hope one day to not have to add hair to get the length.

Timia Niger Tuareg girls

tima girls





Goddess Locs

Goddess Locs seem to be a new hair crazy in the kinky curly hair world and I love the look.I personally don’t have the patience to do it myself but there look beautiful.What you think folks?

Eva Marcille Goddess locs


Goddess Locks
Tyra Banks


Aftress Bohemian Bulk hair review

I thought I would review my favourite brand of curly hair extension. Which I use for my crochet braids.I wear crochet braids because there easy to manage ,cheap to do and the only hairstyle I can do without anyone’s help.And there a great way of protecting my hair and reduce hair styling time.

The hair l am wearing in this picture is Aftress Bohemian bulk in colour 1.Its a lovely brand of hair soft and a beautiful size curl.And Aftress brand has more hair in the bag compare to Freetress and Glance model model.I usually buy three bags which cost me £4.99 each.I only use 2 bags and a half for the crochet style .And refresh it over the weeks as the hair gets flat with the left over hair.Its suppose to be curling iron safe but I havent use heat on it.I would recommend it the curls are smaller then water wave Freetress brand but its beautiful all the same.


Afro hair and racial discrimination in UK

Well folks its seems racism is alive and well in UK.Its so fucking upsetting .I am so fed up of this shit happening ,time and time again. Knowing most of my black British friends are unemployed like me.

And watching white Britons ignore  white supremacy aka racism.Like its not a problem.Drives me crazy.

Recently Black British lady went for an interview with a high end store called Harrods and she was told ,she would only get the job if she chemically straighten her hair.


Its just disgusting,how black people with curly hair are treated in Britain.White Britons say black Britons dont want to work .But they dont want to employed us .The government ignore racism ,pressure black folk to get work .While ignoring the fact that white folk dont want to give black women or black men jobs.As well as muslims wearing Hijab.

Britain is my home but I just dont feel welcome anymore.I am seriously looking forward to moving abroad.Cant wait to visit Africa and be in a country there black people are the majority .And there they dont feel threaten by an afro.