Growing Long 4b Afro hair

I have been growing my afro hair with crochet braids for six years and I have about 10 inches at the front which is where my 4b hair is. And 14 inches at the back when my 4a hair is. My hair is equally split between 4b and 4a. I must admit I hate my 4b hair .Its coarse thick and hard to style. 4a hair is lovely , soft and grows more.



I have work out that I must be getting between 1 & 2 inches a year. It just doesnt seem right .I rarely use heat maybe 15 times in six years. as I wear crochet braids. constantly The only thing I have notice is after I take out my hair my ends constantly break.


I haven’t been moisturing my hair when it was in crochet braids ,when I first started wearing crochet braids.I only started moisturizing  the kanerows (cornrows) in the sixth year. I would only moisture my hair when I took it out ,which was once every four week.  I think this is the problem.


I have decided to take a multi vitamin and see if I can get this six inches everyone seem to talk about.I am taking Tesco vitamin for hair and skin


I don’t remember only having four inches after 2 years. I must be doing something wrong. I really need to do more with my hair and learn to cornrow with extension. I hate having short hair .Plus Manchester so cold without long hair.When payday comes I will buy Biotin, Vitamin c ,Omega 3 and take it for a year .And see how it goes. I am changing my hairstyle to long thick Tuareg Inspired plaits for the year and see if I can retain length as I will be able to deep conditioner once every two weeks.


Heres the Tuareg inspired hairdo.I hope one day to not have to add hair to get the length.

Timia Niger Tuareg girls

tima girls





Goddess Locs

Goddess Locs seem to be a new hair crazy in the kinky curly hair world and I love the look.I personally don’t have the patience to do it myself but there look beautiful.What you think folks?

Eva Marcille Goddess locs


Goddess Locks
Tyra Banks


Aftress Bohemian Bulk hair review

I thought I would review my favourite brand of curly hair extension. Which I use for my crochet braids.I wear crochet braids because there easy to manage ,cheap to do and the only hairstyle I can do without anyone’s help.And there a great way of protecting my hair and reduce hair styling time.

The hair l am wearing in this picture is Aftress Bohemian bulk in colour 1.Its a lovely brand of hair soft and a beautiful size curl.And Aftress brand has more hair in the bag compare to Freetress and Glance model model.I usually buy three bags which cost me £4.99 each.I only use 2 bags and a half for the crochet style .And refresh it over the weeks as the hair gets flat with the left over hair.Its suppose to be curling iron safe but I havent use heat on it.I would recommend it the curls are smaller then water wave Freetress brand but its beautiful all the same.


Afro hair and racial discrimination in UK

Well folks its seems racism is alive and well in UK.Its so fucking upsetting .I am so fed up of this shit happening ,time and time again. Knowing most of my black British friends are unemployed like me.

And watching white Britons ignore  white supremacy aka racism.Like its not a problem.Drives me crazy.

Recently Black British lady went for an interview with a high end store called Harrods and she was told ,she would only get the job if she chemically straighten her hair.


Its just disgusting,how black people with curly hair are treated in Britain.White Britons say black Britons dont want to work .But they dont want to employed us .The government ignore racism ,pressure black folk to get work .While ignoring the fact that white folk dont want to give black women or black men jobs.As well as muslims wearing Hijab.

Britain is my home but I just dont feel welcome anymore.I am seriously looking forward to moving abroad.Cant wait to visit Africa and be in a country there black people are the majority .And there they dont feel threaten by an afro.


The Queen Elizabeth & her Hijab (Headscarf).

The worlds gone mad the Queen Elizabeth  Windsor was spotted wearing  a hijab e.g headscarf covering her hair and neck but no one notices and she didnt even make the daily news.She was left to go about her day.And she wasn’t accused of being a terrorist or converting to lslam. Even worse our Queen got a huge collection of Hijab headscarf check the internet for her collection .Its huge folks


But when your a Muslim women of the brown variety and wear a Hijab e.g Headscarf you can get threaten or accused of being a terrorist nowadays. Like terrorist only look a since way.

The racism and Islamophobia  is clear here and having White skin is a privileges that affords you alot of  comforts that having light brown to dark brown skin doesn’t. Just ask Nadiya from British Bake off about that.


One of the most annoying thing is that Islam didnt invent the Hijab ,it adopted the Hijab.This tradition predates ISLAM.Not that the bias racist right wing media in the west would mention it to its citizens.

Wearing a scarf has been apart of Western culture for a long time but the secular  Religion and the mainstream beauty industry want to throw this tradition a way for difference reasons.Lets see why below .Here’s Italian actress Sophia Loren wearing a Hijab style Headscarf.

peasant-style-headscarf sophia loren

The Mainstream Western beauty industry want to promote, less headscarf wearing to boost sales of  beauty products e.g hair dye. No point promoting hair dye to ladies wearing a scarf.Who would see the new hair colour?

Plus there’s also the hair shampoo and conditioners that also need to be flogged.So allowing Western women to wear the hijab e.g headscarf would effect sales and eat into profits. We can’t have that can we. Islamophobia is great for  boosting sales of hair products.And the million pound beauty industry and fashion industry  has invested  interests in promoting since things as fashionable and others as terribly not fashionable..

If you have any doubts, watch the next shampoo commercial and try to image a Hijab or Nijab women  or nun advertising the latest shampoo products, that’s going to make your hair silky soft .IT JUST WOULDN’T WORK.

I will have to talk about the secular reason for promoting not wearing headscarf another time , this blogpost is getting too long

Just before I go, I just wanted to showcase some lovely Hijab headscarf fashion for folks who prefer not to fall for propaganda

headscarf.jpg hijab 1


Blonde Box braids for summer

Hey folk I was fed up of crochet braids and big curly hair .And I decided to go blonde.I’ve always wanted to go blonde since TLC days but didnt have the courage but now I’m too old to care  what folks think .Plus I saw natural blonde hair  Africans in Nigeria and the Congo .And realise Blonde hair in Africa seem to be a recessive gene that pops up every once in a while. Without the white man or Asiatic man help. Its truthfully beautiful against dark brown skin. I going to dye it blonde soon but I thought I try it out without first.The braids took a week since I’m having chronic fibroid pain .But it was worth the wait.I just top up the edges every week or two.I’m not great at braiding my own hair but I’m cheaper then the hairdresser lol.Life of a broke mature student

DSCN0475       DSCN0471.JPGDSCN0480DSCN0479



Bicycle Helmet discriminate against Big Curly hair

Its official people racism is back in fashion and discrimination  against people with curly Afro hair is being brought in via the backdoor.

This week I went to Manchester cycle forum to hear about the plans for improving cycling infrastructure in Manchester .Only to be meant with bigotry,sexism and racist propaganda by a company called Bike right and TfGM.

BikeRight and TfGM have a policy of forcing children to wear helmets on there bike training course funded by TfGM and national government. Even though helmet wearing isn’t mandatory in the United Kingdom

I pointed out ,to TfGM and BikeRight that helmet wearing would discriminate against people with curly hair ,people who like to wear ponytails, deadlocks, updos and people with lamb wool hair ( 4a to 4c hair type brown folk).Plus people who have big heads and folks who just on principles don’t like wearing Bicycle Helmets.

And I was ignored .I was told that no children have even refuse to put a helmet on.And that discrimination didn’t matter.

nmoi campbell

The guy from BikeRight was a bigot,sexism and clearing suffering from institutional racism .As well as Rachel Scott from TfGM. They failed to see that Government’s cycling and walking strategy 2015 includes promoting cycling within ethnicity minorities and to increasing there participation .But couldn’t work out that, curly haired people especially brown people of African descent have a lot of curly hair folk.And a policy of forcing brown skin  curly haired people to put a helmet on. Would reduce there participation in cycling. Even though there meant to be promoting it.It would also reduce anyone with some big arse hair too.As big arse curly hair comes in all races.

If my five year old niece goes in to school ,in a big arse afro puff and some teachers or bike right instructor try squashing her hair into a helmet .I’m going to be piss off.I will be screaming blue murder .Us curly haired people shouldn’t be ashamed of our curls or have to fit into a straight hair world.Just try get Bob Marley size deadlocks into a bike helmet ,if you think there no problem.


I will have to write to TfGM ,Dept of Transport , MP and talk to my fellow curly hair people about organising a protest about this subject.Helmet law is being brought in via stealth. Pump your fist if your down with human rights for curly haired people,people with deadlocks ,jew fros ,ponytail wears, big heads to big for helmet.

keri russell

Fuck the Helmets law being brought in via stealth.

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Bike Right  Liz Clarke email to my twitter conversations

Dear Elizabeth,

I have seen your comments on Twitter today and ask you to retract the comments that are factually incorrect.
a. BIkeRight! is not run by men.
b. BikeRight! is not paid by the car industry or the insurance industry.
c. BIkeRight! is not run for men.

For your information –
BikeRight! is a female owned company that was started by two mothers. Myself and Jo Somerset.
70% of our trainees are women and 50% of child trainees are girls.

Please remove your defamatory comments from Twitter.
I am currently on holiday – you can contact after 12th July if you want to speak to me personally but I do not appreciate slurs about my company on social media.


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Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.

Liz Clarke
Managing Director