Lost my YouTube Channel

Folks I lost my YouTube Whatbettywore  due to community strikes .I think it was my nude photo of Naomi Campbell breast and my thumbnail of my booty from my twerk video that put the nail in the coffin for me.Plus they were couple haters dedicated to trying to get me of YouTube. I must say I was upset too lose my videos but I have most videos back up on my old pc hard drive. I appealed but YouTube said no.Then my gossip channel Betty gallery went too.

I have taken it as a new beginning and launch a new website called BrownSugarmag. I have few people writing articles for me .For a while I was thinking of giving up YouTube or changing the direction. lts been blessing in disguise.I started to plan my time better.

Lessons I would tell folks , back up all your videos you create on portable hard drive ,just in case you get cancelled.You dont want to lose all you videos and memories too.

Have couple of YouTube channels on the go and make them about different topics too.

Read community guidelines and don’t preach hate speech even if you don’t agree with homosexuality or transgenders.You will get cancelled by YouTube.

Promote your own website or services on YouTube channel or review stuff.That way your not likely to be cancelled by YouTube.

Create paypal donation button ,that way folks can donate too and you dont have to rely on Google adsense for funds.

Losing my channels has give me time to regenerate and think of a new direction.I realise there more to life then YouTube.l also realise l need to start selling stuff via my remaining YouTube channels.To support my passion for being a YouTuber

And check this video when YouTube delete a Swoop channel of 600,000 subscribers for no reason and wasnt give her channel back.She just had to suck it up and start a fresh.

Some times a disappointment is a blessing in disguise.


Equipment for filming documentary.

Hi I want to start a new website called brown sugar mag and I need to buy a few new  things to film on the street.For the street interviews. The new website going to force on Black British experience .


The first thing I brought was two new batteries for my Nikon d5100 ,as filming drains batteries very quickly.The next thing I brought was external microphone to record the sound .Then I brought tripod to hold the camera steady.I also brought USB card reader and usb battery charger for my Nikon batterries. Lastly I brought Camera battery grip so my Nikon 5100 camera can use two batteries when filming. There a few other things l need to brought but l will blog them when I buy them.


Whats on my Camera wish list.

I have a few Camera’s on my wish list .My first is Canon 750d .I currently have D5100 Nikon but its time for upgrade .Most black people shoot with Canon, I feel like Nikon DSLR colour settings on black skin aint that flattering. I look a bit grey. I have messy about with the custom setting and I still aint happy. Time for a new camera.

I have been looking  a Canon 750d DSLR with a flip screen, this Camera has good reviews plus it has a microphone input.I also want something for the indie films I wanted to make and this camera has good reviews on NoFilmSchool, which is a website for indie filmmakers. You can buy Canon 750D at Amazon.Just click on the link


This next camera I want is a small DSLR camera with a flip screen .The Canon 200d is the one for me .It would make a great backup camera and vlogging camera.Its a lovely size for travelling as I want to be a travel blogger too. I am going to be travelling more so I need a compact powerful camera.It has a cropped sensor and shoots video at 1080p 60fps and wifi .Its also has a touchscreen.Like Canon brand more as the lens are cheaper the Nikon lens.

I also need some lens .I need 50mm lens for my Nikon D5100 the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR f/1.8G Lens – 50 mm.You can buy it at Amazon .If you would like to buy it please click on the photo to buy it at Amazon.

I want the Yongno Yn EF 50mm this lens got excellent reviews .I saw a fellow Nigerian vlogger using it. And she looked beautiful using it. Its only £44 .Click on the photo if you like to buy it.

It might sound weird to white people or light skin people but not all cameras flatter chocolate coloured skin like mine.
EF 50mm this len.I would appreciate if you use my link to buy the items as there affiliate links and it would help me buy then items I need.If you own them or buy them let me know what you think about them. I am aspiring photographer and learning everything I need to know about photographer via YouTube and library books.

Get the right photographic equipment for dark skin like mine can be difficult. When film cameras first came out ,there were made to flatter white skin tones. Here a film explaining them problem. I am not to sure the problems been solved to be honest.

Please share my blog post on social media .Sharing is caring. Huggies and kisses Elizabeth .You can follow my Flickr here https://www.flickr.com/photos/bettysgallery

Nikon new AP lens

I’ve had my Nikon D5100 since 2014 , its take me a long time to get use too it. And I am still learning how to use it. But I am upset ,as Nikon has changed there lens and the new AP lens aren’t compatible with my old D5100 Camera. There only compatible with three Nikon DSLR cameras: D3300, D5300 and D5500. I regret buying this camera to be honest ,I wish I would have brought Canon instead.


Nikon lens are also more expensive then Canon. Nikon a brand for someone with a lot of cash to burn. Not a mature student like me on a limited budget. I think its time to switch to Canon. I would like to get the Canon 700d or 750.


I would also like to get a mirrorless camera like Canon M10 because its got pop up screen and changeable lens .It would be a great vlogging camera.I would also like to get some different lens to take more photos with.This is my Wish list is 50mm lens , 55-200mm .

YouTube Trolls

I have been on YouTube for ten years clapping but lately its being to annoying me. As much as I love my subscribers. The trolls, who seem to think ,they have to get an answer to every question there ask me .Or think they can tell me what to do on my channel.Or write abusive comments and threaten me. I am getting pissed off with them .They seem to feed of negative energy.When I check there YouTube page ,its always 90 percentage a blank page. Its annoying and an act of a coward.

Picture 2

There are things I would never share , family and partners is off limits camera wise. Those people don’t want to be on YouTube and I respect that. But its amazing how the trolls demand to see what isn’t there business.But you never see these trolls face or family lol hypocrites

But what’s annoy me is ,they never donate to my channel but think there going to come tell me what to say, think and do on my channel. Like there actually paying for content.Video’s take time and effect.

Its amazing the Egos of some of the people commenting on YouTube video’s

There many changes in my life this year and I need to dedicate time to that. There no really money in YouTube ,if you want to talk about racism ,politics etc. YouTube demonetize most of my video’s . I can make a better impact by writing books and making short documentaries .I need to dedicate time to my new family too.I wont bother saying anything on YouTube like goodbye as I keep changing my mind. But I will take a break for sure.

Its sad that some folks are so insecure they think there are owned explanation from someone like me who just makes YouTube videos. Like there know me.Its like these people don’t have anyone in there life who cares for them.And expect me to care for them and there opinion. Weirdos and insecure as fuck.

I say what I want and do what I want on my channel. I never say anything about anyone I wont say to there face. That’s me in real life , Love or Hate me but you will respect me.

Is YouTube worth it? YouTube has give money to Isil via Google Ad Sense ,https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/15/twitter_facebook_and_google_slammed_for_commercial_prostitution_by_mps/ they let Logan Paul show a dead body but didn’t demonetize him. But Demonetize me for making a video about white policemen killing black people in Britain. I have to ask myself do I want to be on a platform that ignorance racism against black people? And doesn’t promote black YouTubers .

I am beginning to think not. There black junction TV but its not that good .Its YouTube created for Black People but there a limit on size of the video you can upload. I need to find another creative outlet. Anyway just my thoughts before bed time.

Also blogger Sofrolushes mention YouTube made another change again.You need 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to monetize .I just rolled my eyes.I thought here we go again .Please show Sofrolushes channel some love

I honestly think YouTube don’t care, if there small YouTubers don’t make any money, there only interested in big YouTubers like Logan Paul ,KSI

I think YouTube exploits small YouTubers to be honest .Its time to do more blogging instead .Love Elizabeth

HeartBroken bye Youtube.

I have been on YouTube nearly 8 years and the hate is getting too much. Plus my health problems aint getting any better. I am coming off YouTube for a break. Sorry to my YouTube subscribers but l haven’t had enough.Love to you all and thanks for your support over the years.

I will still blog here but my video’s wont be available anymore. Its just not worth it.

Much love please pray for me.



Blogging is a part time Job

I truthly feel like blogging is a job, I feel like I spend a huge amount of time blogging via YouTube or my blog .I also socializing a lot via Twitter, Google hangouts or Snapchat. My life seems to be spend online a lot and I love it. I love the fact ,that I can talk to people around the world especially Africa. That I would never get the chance to meet normally due to location and financial constrains. Its seems like the world is getting smaller due to the internet and social media.


I am constantly amazed by the amount of people who read my blog and watch my YouTube channel. I am seriously thinking I need to start making an income online, as I spend to much time online not to make a income.Currently I only have Google ad sense account that only brings in £60 a year. I can’t live on that.

I feel like a don’t promote myself enough on my Twitter account bettytoo22 .I can go days without post a link to my blog post or Youtube channels. But I am happy to promote other peoples work but not my own work. I feel like I am having a light build moment.Its like MsAfropolitan in this interview .She was spending so much time blogging that she need to monetise her blog.

Honestly I was scared to promote my work ,I worry that people wont like me and will unsubscribe to me.I feel like I need to get over this fear. I put to much work into my blog and Youtube to let peoples nasty comments stop me. I also paint and I am a artist and like to make clothes and handbags.I need to start promoting what I do outside of Youtuber and blogging.To be able to make a realistic income from blogging. Social media is a way to drive traffic to your website, where you sell your products .I need to create an action plan to use my following properly and to increase my income .

I have found in the ten years Vlogging on YouTube ,I have never got an donate via my PayPal donate button on my YouTube channel page.Its quite disheartening.I think people are just use to getting content for free and don’t stop to think .The time and cost that goes in to creating good videos and blog post on a tweet weeny budget like mine.

Please spare some change for my Youtuber channel and other Youtuber you like, as small Youtuber like me, never get sent products to review.We buy our own products. And we rarely get promote especially since we are Black . And if you talk politics, racism you wont get promoted due to the current politics climate and the Orwellian world thats being created by western governments trying to get rid of freedom of spreech.

Donating helps me create better content and buy new equipment like a mic and pay travel cost when I want to go to an blogging events like in London.Blogging scene seems to start and end in London. And unfortuanley for me I live in Northern England. There also a blogging scene in Africa and I am keen to experience that too but that takes time and money too.So please donate if you can afford too. If not please share my blog posts and videos via social media with friends and familes members, as supporting doesnt always have to be moneywise. Please donate below by clicking on the Paypal button on my Youtuber channel ,link here.Button is on the top right of the page


Getting back to blogging as a part time job ,I want to make an income from blogging as my health still isn’t improving I cant cope with working full time as I still have chronic pain for Fibroids and Polycystic ovaries . Blogging seems like the only real part time job that would give me a income with my health condition and would fit around it .As the medicine I take makes me tried a lot ( Tramdol and Gabapentin ,Paracetamol daily) .I end up like sleeping beauty alot.

 I also want to travel and connect with other women and men of African descent
and be able to make a reasonable income wherever I am in the world, Africa where I am planning on travelling to first.

I am definitely going to start promoting myself and organising my other email address as my current Gmail address is full of spam .It makes it so hard to follow bloggers I love ,when my email is full of spam and random shit lol.

A blogger who is serious about making money has to be organise and treat it like a job. And I realise the money dont come straight away from blogging its a process ,you live and learn, in the Blogosphere .

Please share my post and comment if you have any tips for making income online via blogging. And please donate if your can .Love Betty