Women & Career breaks

I have worked about 7 years in total from 17 to 38 years old. And it has dawn on me just how much people look down on the unemployed and women in general.

When I haven’t been working ,I’ve even been studying or looking for work. But I am truthly fed up ,with people asking me what I do when I ain’t working.

I follow my hobbies dumbo for the haters out there,which is blogging ,reading ,sewing, cycling etc.

These fucking feminist get right on my titties.A lot of feminism is just misogyny repacked

Its especially annoying when my work coach and employers ask me what I have been doing when I not been working. Its like people forget, that life still has purpose when your not working.

I am currently off work due to chronic fibroid pain and depression .But I got found fit for work. Even though I am not. My pain is still chronic and the Tramdol makes me sleepy and tired.

I had a male work adviser who wasn’t understanding so I requested a woman instead.As what the fuck does a man know about having a womb or fibroids. Its alot better but still hard. I am currently appealing my decision.

I feel hollow inside as I dont want to work. Its time for me to have a family. You can have a great job but still come home to a empty house. Plus who will look after me in my old age. Not the fucking Department of Work and Pensions.Its time to make a family.I feel like my illness is a sign from God, telling me to slow down and make a family.

I really hope I found a man to make babies with, so I can get off the Department of Work & Pension books .Its just so fucking annoying. I dont have good GCSES ,my grammar and punctuation is rubbish.I tried a English class but couldn’t cope with the three hours on my bun in pain ,on a rock hard chair.The hope of me finding a job is slim.

Its really hard right now.I really just want to piss off to Africa but I need money first.In Africa a women traditional role is valued at lot more .Women traditional roles are devalued in the west.especially Britain.

Women in Britain are meant to be superwomen, have a career, be a great wife and mother .Women who are just unemployed ,mothers or a housewife are fucking looked down on.Its truthly disgusting how these women are treated here.And there hardly anyone fighting for those women’s rights

With my current health problems ,people keep telling me to have a baby and the fibroids will go but I have to find a man first.

Sorry if I haven’t blog for a while life is stressful right now.


Travel in 2017

I hope to travel this year ,to a lot of places.I am lucky to whole two passport, as a dual citizenship.One of the passport is a ECOWAS passport which allow me to travel visa free through West Africa and other exotic places. Like Fiji and Vanuatu (places where black people have naturally blonde Afros )

Blonde Afro

Also Barbados and quite a few countries in East and south east Africa.

I am always moaning about hating the cold damp weather of England.But when I first look at my ECOWAS passport I wasn’t excited.My mind was full of stereotypes of Africa. Even though I hate the cold and can’t imagine retirement in cold England.

So this year I have going to make some changes and have a positive mindset.And stop thinking that the west is the centre of the world.I want to go and visit the land of my forefathers and mothers.

Nigerian Passport

And I wouldn’t mind visiting Vanuatu ,it’s amazing to see natural blond afros. Even though there’s natural blonde afro Africans in Africa.But not as many as in Papau New Guinea.

It’s time to bordered my horizons.The only thing that puts me off ,is the scary stories of my Nigerians relatives and the constantly queue of other Africans complaining to me .That some African stolen there money ,when there just wanted to built a house in Africa .Or the African leader who turn into a dictator over night.That line comes from my Eritrea friends.

Or that theirs no constant electricity supply in Africa.

Seriously after all these scary stories, these Africans relatives and friends assure me that there were the only civilized Africans about and if they could just get rid of the other Africans life would be great in Africa.

I just rolled my eyes and keep quiet. And thought of one more year in England in the bloody cold, waiting on summer.God help me ,I hate the cold.

Then there was the worry that I might get chopped up or sold into slavery in Africa. Black skin aint worth much in some parts of  Africa .You will get more for white skin then my Coco Brown skin .But I finally thought, if the white man can go Africa why can’t I.

Its not like I haven’t been mistake for other Africans, my Gambia friend thought ,I was Gambian .Then I got mistake for a Somali. Then a Ugandan etc.

Really folks, all African phenotypes come out of East Africa.Why are people surprise that an West African can look East African.I don’t know.

My people the Efik /lbibio of Nigeria have a story that we came from Ethiopia ,through Sudan ,then Cameroon ,then Nigeria.

Yes I know that Sudan isnt next to Cameroon but that’s just how the story goes.Its sounds about right ,the scientist’s say Ethiopia is where oldest human has been found .Can’t wait to visit Ethiopia motherland.

I will fly Ethiopia Airlines to Nigeria ,as its dead cheap and I want to give my money to African airline not European airlines.Its also helps boost African economy.European airlines dominate African airways right now.  And people wonder why Africans struggle to can’t get jobs in Africa .And will risk there life to cross the Sahara and Mediterranean sea for Europe the promise land.

One of the reasons is because  European, America business come to Africa and dominate the Africa economy and drive Africans out of business.But that another blog post.

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Goals for the new year


I have plenty of plans for the new year.There a mix of personal and work related.I want to be more focus and more organised .So I can reach my goals.I want to visit Morocco, Nigeria,Netherlands and Germany this year.This is why I brought these diaries so I can write thing down as I love diaries .I wont forget anything important that way

The listed of my  new goals for the new year are as follows

Get a man in my life

Make a baby with this new man

Have the  baby

Get a bridge camera

Get a vlogging camera

Get a tablet ,a desktop pc for my art degree work,

Get 50,000 youtuber subscribers

Get 10000 subscribers following my blog.

Get a custom blogname & hosting for my blog.

Move flat for a bigger and better flat.

And make a income blogging and vlogging

Make a income selling handbags,my artwork and clothes .All handmade by me.


Blogging on the go.

I love blogging ,just wish sometimes I would afford better equipment.Instead of the cheapness camera in the store, the cheapness smart phone & cheapness tablet.But it is what it is.  I had to save up for my new phone,as I broken my other phone the Alcatel Popstar broken.

I brought the Alcatel pop 4 which is the upgrade for Popstar, it’s got good screen resolution at 720 x 1280 .A decent twin camera and portable battery charger.And it was in my budget. With theses low end Alcatel you really need portable battery pack as the battery aint great on them.They run out quickly.

pop 4.jpg
Alcatel pop 4

The next thing I brought was a digital camera ,the Sony W830. I need a camera so badly . It’s very light weight ,feels like a toy but I don’t like the fact that it takes Sony camera battery .

Sony W830

But it’s to late now,  I have brought it and opened before I realise that its only takes Sony batteries

.The next thing I brought was two different kinds of selfie sticks .One for a smart phone and one for a portable camera.The camera one was a pound at Poundworld. And the next one was half price at track in bright pink and was 3 pounds.  The only thing I need is a tablet as mini Netbook has a software problem, I can’t work out how to fix it.Its useless and I cant afford to fix it.Best to just replace it.

.Plus I don’t want to pour anymore money into it again.I would really like a Samsung tablet , Levono tablet or a mini iPad.But let’s see if I can afford it.I will have to save as I have many things to buy.Like new flooring for my flat and a new camera lens for my D5100 Nikon.As I don’t have one for it right now. Hard times folks  Tell me what you think is needed for blogging on the go.Please share ad comment .love Betty.

My Wish list for December

God I just wish my bank balance would allow me to buy ,whatever I wanted but it doesn’t. But the great thing about blogging ,is that you live in a virtual world where you can buy everything you want. Here what I need in my wardrobe as winter sets in.

These two beautiful Pink fur lined Parka coats from Boohoo. I love a parka my favourite colours to wear  is ones made in Khaki Green

fushia    parka-pink

This parka is from Prettylittlething 



Next item on my wish list is Lenovo K5

I love blogging even though my grammar aint great but I still like to have ago at blogging. One of th things I’m in real need of is a good smart phone with plenty of ram.I currently have the Alcatel Pop 4 but the ram is too small.I cant get Snapchat as the memory’s full.And I cant get WordPress app on it due to the small ram.

I would like LenovoK5 as its dual sim and its got 16GB .Two camera .its has good reviews too.It would take my blogging to the next level.


The next thing I would like is a tablet with 4g on it for blogging on the go.I would like this one.It has a 5 million pixel camera on it.

HUAWEI MediaPad T1 8.0 Pro Tablet


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Finding a African Husband in the UK

Since I’m pro black ,I want an African husband no African Caribbeans ,no white folk , just Africans .Culturally they would understand me. They wouldn’t moan about having to visit my Nigerian Family twice a year. or complain about are male kids having to be circumcision. They would give me the opportunist to visit Africa for no reason then I want to escape the cold.

Plus they would understand how hard it is to be a coffee brown in a vanilla world. But there’s  one problem I cant afford the racist British fiance visa or the rule which say I have to earn £18000 a year .Since I have long term health problems which means I can’t work .Its a really racist’s rule especially since Britain ruled half the world.

I just don’t want to mate with white people , African Caribbeans or Asians. I want a African guy with coco brown skin like my skin with a big dick ,as I don’t like small penis plus I ‘m not running a charity.

Big is better kiss kiss

Black , Broke & Depressed.

Black folk in the uk are over represented in the mental health statistics .And I’m sorry to say doctor .You are the problem. You being white middle class , me being brown and poor.Is a huge problem.

You wont be able to help me ,as my problem stems from your racist white supremacy state and your racist British immigration laws that stop my family coming to visit .Or supporting me by moving here..

Your white privilege makes me mad ,you and your white country men emigrate around the world by force. So you could have your family and wider community support.Whether those people of Africa , America , Asia, Australia wanted to see you or wanted you around. You came with your bible in one hand and a gun in another.

And you aint going to extent Black , Asians Britons the same privilege any time soon. Piss take

Its not like we came here with guns .We were born here , the paperwork says were British or  we came here after your German cousins bombed this small island .And Queenie invited the whole of the British colonies to repair this island.

So Doctor I’m depressed as I haven’t seen my African family in 24 years due to your racist white immigration policies .Can you extent me some of the privileges that you white folk get ,if not .I dont want to talk too you.

As I know ignorant racist white folk like you are the problem. I know you have no intention of writing or campaigning to reunite black families in the uk with the families in the former British colonies.Which would support them in the uk and stop them being depressed , in poverty , banged up in prison and locked up in your nut house.

Family life is a privilege that white English Britons get everyday, you seem to forget this

I also know most white Britons have a great fear of varies shades of brown folk and want to keep Britain white ,while saying there not racist. But don’t see the irony in White Americans ,White Africans, White Australians etc etc.

Doctor I know white Britain doesn’t care or see that there racist immigration policies break up black families .So no I don’t want to talk to you ,as you will never fixes these problems ,you just want to talk about them all day long.

As you believe your talking therapy is more important then getting rid of white privilege. You would rather I suffer for being brown in a vanilla world then you.

Doctor white privilege is the problem for us black folk in the uk and worldwide .And your talking therapy is there to make you feel better about white privilege not us.

Black power & Blacklivesmatter


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