Am I British or English!

Am I British or English or African? Is a question posed many times by various people.I consider myself British African because I was born and raised in Britain but genetically I am of black African descent. And my whole family are Nigerians and mainly live in Nigeria.

In the era of Brexit ,there a lot of hate about.People demanding that people with duel heritage choose a side.Its a winner takes all game .You don’t want to be on the losing side.I ain’t choosing nothing , Britain and Africa made me who I am.And happy to have duel heritage and two passports.I am happy to be black British. I personally think ,native white Britons are going through identity crisis because half of them feel like there losing there identity to the Pan European project .And because there use to calling the shots.

British native white people are having to confront ,what there forebears have done around the world under the British empire and the after effects .And many , only want to take the good things under empire but don’t want to deal with the bad parts  of empire and its effects .And how it made many black and brown people feel inferior and stole there resources.But that’s life , karma a bitch,you reap what you sow.You cant have you cake and eat it.


Its very strange for me to hear white Britons complain about there European cousins moving to Britain ,while there living in Europe and around the world. Its just hypocrisy , very self centred and immature.

White Britons aren’t taught about the British empire. And think Black and Brown people are just desperate to come to a small island of the north sea.There taught that there superior and the culture is superior.And that everyone has to do things there way. Its very racist and rooted in bare aggression .Its also very annoying.I have got to the point where I wont talk to white Britons about racism ,as many just don’t care and enjoy being at the top .They see life as competition and that they have divine right to rule over black and brown people even though there minority in the world.

They see themselves as the white race and have duty to civilize black people to there way of doing things .So they can loot there resources and build up there native land at the expense of others.E.g the white man burden. Many white people think they gave birth to black folk , when its actually the other way around .Black women gave birth to humanity and contain all the genetic material to reproduce every creed , human and colour on the planet.

But we get little respect as black women ,we are seen as extension of black men .When its us black women ,who gave birth to black men.Black men are extension of us, without us they wouldn’t even be on the planet.Once baby boys get off breast milk and on solids they start thinking there somebody and better then the women that birther them, its disgusting .

One day us black women will stand up and demand the respect we deserve.Its not easy being the mother of humanity .NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.BLACKGIRLMAGIC ALL THE WAY



YouTube Protecting Bullys

Over the last few months have I been networking online and have been threaten and bullied by many black men .Ezra Azir ,Jedionline ,Raspect , Mysta Lee , Beefie ,Content over Everything who are all YouTubers who have YouTube channels. YouTube havent done much about it but take one of my videos down complaining about the black man JediOnline who threaten several black people and me.

He went online and said I had been sectioned and on anti psychotic drugs on Content Over Everything video. Which is a lie. He hasnt proved it but I have proved hes threaten people, as I record him threatening people.Hes a dangerous man. and should be locked up. He just trying to discredit me .

Also Danny Taylor also threatened me hes part of G Circle.

Jedi has been for months trying to intimidated me and cyber bully me .But I have stood firm .I wont be threaten or intimidated by pothead and violent thug like Jedi or hes backup dancers. There plain criminals and cancer in the black community, they need to be exposed.

Jedi Online is a violence thug  and threatens many black people who just disagree with hes promoting of Cannabis and violence. Jedi also verbal attacks Africans who speak of there African heritage .Hes done that to me several times. Because hes ashamed to be African but loves to pretend to be Jamaican. And wants to make other Africans pretend to be Jamaican. And  hes also use violence to other black man on camera. Just because he disagree with him. Video below.Jed preach peace but use violence. Hes a  hypocrite

Jedi manage to have whole channels against him because of hes threaten ,intimidate and violence .I know quite a few black people who have complained about him to me and been threaten by him. I always tell them to report him and report to YouTube.

Raspect is another headcase and pothead. He makes video’s cyber bullying and attacking Africans. He made this video inciting people to attack a guy called max from Canada but walks around London  claiming to be getting young black boys out of violence .He is the problem in the black community.Hes hypocrite and thug.

YouTube has once again left the video up even though hes used Max photo and he clears says he has ahki in Canada to deal with Max. Its disgusting what Raspect Jedi do to people.Any black boy following them will only end up in prison. They bad role models.

Raspect ,Jedi and Mike also were disrespect to old Nigerian man who just wanted to know about G Circle and advise them .Video here.Timestamp 1.52.28 There like feral cats .

Ezra Azir is a Jamaican guy from Birmingham who has threatened me several times and other black people .He hides from the camera but goes on Respect and Jedi channel attacking me. They made a video saying there had a photos of me in a threesome which was a lie and once again YouTube kept it up. Video here. Listen to Timestamp 1.52.43 To listen to the lies there spreading against me. They are bullies get together to make adobe Photoshop videos and videos attacking my character and other black people. YouTube do nothing about it even though I and other have complained.


Also its important to note that the guy Mysta Lee was the Jamaican guy from Birmingham who fancied me and wanted to take me to dinner.And get with me. When he could not get me ,he started verbal attacking me online. The best thing is he has a woman .Hes disgusting person and obviously cheats on hes woman

YouTube has been accused in the past by the Government of promoting hate speech and criminals. From my experience over the last few months I have seen just what YouTube are about. And its true.

You Tube doesn’t protect people from cyber bullying and there protect the bully’s and promote violence , racism and injustice for profit. If my cyber bullying goes to court Jedi and hes merry men would be exposed as violence bully’s. People have ask me to upload the video again of Jedi threatening people but I don’t want to make my channel about exposing these black criminals.But if anyone wants the recording there should just tweet me or contact me. Its important to expose these violence men who claim to be helping stop the gang violence in London while threatening other black people. Watch out for this

Watch out for this violence gang G Circle there aren’t men of peace ,they are men of war.

The sad thing is there many people in the G Circle who want to help protect young black boys and stop knife claim. But the leadership will only leader boys from the school to the prison pipeline and spend there time threatening other black people. .


Men lie & Moss side Criminals

Men lie is all I can say. They lie to hide there wrong actions. They lie to ignore the pain they cause women and kids.

I have had many online trolls lies about me over the couple of months Mainly druggies e.g potheads , black men with criminal records and people who have illegal guns. All of them Black men , most Jamaicans men expect for one Nigerian thug Jedi the rapper.They have bullyed me because I told them that smoking drugs is wrong under a comment section of a video. Many people said the same thing but because I have a YouTube channel , they threaten me , started stealing my videos and bullying me online. And getting they friends to threaten me.

Anyway selling drugs is still wrong. I ain’t going to be taking advice from black men who have illegal guns and criminals records. I HOPE they get caught.I have realized men who are insecure will lie to discredit you. The Nigerian guy Jedionline lied and said I had been sectioned under the mental health act, to hide the fact he’s criminal on YouTube  Channel I enjoy watching .They posted the blatant lies on YouTube for clicks . I reported that video for cyber bullying. Jedi the Nigerian who thinks hes some Jamaican Yardie gangster ( many Africans kids had to plenty there Caribbean so the Caribbeans wont bully them , even as adults some African still do this )   Jed didn’t seem to care if it was a blatant lie.And the stupid black men around them didn’t ask him for proof. They just stood there gossiping and spreading lies.

If I had the money I would sue them for defamation of character but I don’t have the money. That’s why bullys bully because they believe you are weaker then them. Its pure misogyny and criminality. Its sad what criminals and former criminals will do for YouTube clicks. These former criminals care not if they harm my reputation. I have learnt a lot about black men and men in general . And not all of it nice. Sexist and insecure men rarely want to give a women credit for her work. I have also see there jealous because I built a platform of over 1400 subscribers and they didn’t. Most of these bullies have no YouTube channel or a blog or any followers. With always preach against smoking drugs and getting involved in gangs . I simply talked about Hair , Make up, Politics, Manchester and My African heritage on my YouTube channel. Its amazing how men are jealous of a women success. They criminals even had the cheek to say I should support them because we are both black.

The pro drug lobby in the black community is strong. We all know there’s black people selling drugs and that’s why there pro drugs so much. I have spend too much time listening and chilling with abusive men online and liars . I am done, I was genuinely just trying to network but I ain’t going to socially with former criminals and criminals who think I should stand and support there criminal and bullying behaviour.

One day Jedi Raspect rappers and Ricko the one with illegal gun , lies will be exposed. They still haven’t proved any evidence for there claims that I was sectioned and they friends still sent me threats on my personal Facebook. But I leave it to God. As revenges is the Lord .We all reap what we sow. But seriously be careful online there online thugs that will stop at nothing for famous and click bait , they will try and destroy your reputation just for money. I will always stand against criminals in the black community. I grew up in Hulme and Moss side. I saw how mainly Jamaicans criminals  killed and destroy many people lives. So they can get money and all the material wealth.

My dad always warned me about not to go to Gooch close in Moss Side because of the Jamaicans criminals who were killing people like there animals. Life was cheap in Moss Side still is.

To this day I don’t really like going to Jamaican takeaways or any Jamaican persons house or even socially with them because of my childhood experience. I remember a friend of a friend Beny Stanley 1 years old being shot dead in a Jamaican takeaway or near. I became so afraid of Caribbeans especially Jamaicans as they just to bully me and my Nigerian friends for being African. And they roll with guns.I stayed alive in Moss side because I didn’t social with the Caribbeans e.g Jamaicans , I never when to any of there parties e.g blues. And I am glad I didn’t. Most of the Jamaicans and Caribbeans kids were raised by single mothers and you rarely saw there fathers.

The only Jamaican I remember being nice was my old Jamaican neighbour she was retire and use to be a nurse. She never said nasty things about Africans like the other Jamaicans and Caribbeans. We use to call her auntie. Shes use to go to church every Sunday and was always at the sauna . And warned us about taking doctors medicine because it can make you sicker then when you weren’t taking it.A lot of black older people don’t trust white folk medicine . She was a good person may she rest in peace.

This is the girl Michelle that use to bully me and my Nigerian friends. Fun she never mention being offspring of enslaved Africans , just that us Africans were less then her and Caribbeans friends. Me, my sister and Nigerian friend had to change are names due to the bullying by Jamaicans and Caribbeans .Its was a terrible time

Anyway this bitch got a white man now the irony of it. And she not Jamaican she from another Caribbean island a french one. And I hate her as much as I hated her the day she bullied us for being African. Her favourite line was I am alright , even though I am African. That was the favourite line self hating Caribbeans, pretend there not of African descent. Unfortunately for me when they were bullying me I didn’t know there were of African descent. My parents never told me they were the offspring of African slaves , my dad just told me to stay away from the Jamaicans. It was for good reason too.

Many Caribbeans in Uk don’t like to tell people they are of African descent because there ashamed of there history. Unfortunately the damage was done on my racial self esteem. Because of what they did I wont allow any kid of mime to hang out with Caribbean kids unless I vet them for criminality and to see if they on I hate Africans tip and going to deny there African DNA. And teach my child to hate there African roots.

I would warn any African against allowing your kids to hang with the off spring of African slaves. Many of them adults and kids will teach your kids to hate being African. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.Not all of them are like that but in my experience its about 50 percent. To this day Caribbeans still come to me, my mum , many Africans and claim we sold them even though we weren’t around at the time of slavery. There a lot of hatred  the gangs in Manchester , you will notice its Africans vs Caribbeans. But folks like to hide that .

Irony is Michelle the bully got a white man with mixed race kids. So its obvious she hates being of African descent.No wonder she was bulling me and my Nigerian friends

That’s why she was making my life a living hell. I remember this bitch saying she hated white folk , now she making babies with them , fucking hypocrite. God will deal with her. An way lucky I never ran into her now she back in Manchester. This is one of the reason there a lot of hatred between Africans and Caribbean because of the bullying . Not that Caribbeans will admit what some of them get up too.

If I am honest the criminal element in Moss side and Hulme is legendary. Many Jamaicans don’t want to hear of the harm the criminal element in there community , cause to others in the area. Whether they turned to selling drugs because they couldn’t find work due to racism in the 70s and 80s. The fact is they cause a lot of fear and pain for to innocent people and kids in the area. Pointing fingers when you have feral youth doesn’t help solve the problem. I was lucky to go to a Nigerian play-scheme in summer, lucky there was no criminals and everyone was Nigerian .I had a lovely time there. It was a safe place from the Caribbean bullies. I thank the Nigerian Centre and the ladies for doing that and volunteering they time to look after us kids. It was free too. Please try and give back to your community , as there many who are struggling to provide for there kids. Its not a crime to be poor ! Feral youth even end up dead or in jail .

Lastly people will have you believe there no riff between African vs Caribbeans but there is in Britain. There hatred and pain on both side. I have no solutions for the problem .I am just telling my story as African.

Please don’t let online bully ruin you or stop you from speaking out about criminals in your community. You own no one anything but the truth. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE !

International Women’s Day

Its International Women ‘s Day .Its an important for many women around the world but I feel deflated .I still feel like life is a struggle as a black woman in Britain. International women day was started nearly hundred years ago.Its was called International working women day.But its morphy into something else. Its rare that there a day when being a women is celebrated.There so many negative message in the media and society about being a woman.Whether its a magazine telling you .You weight too much.Or your in school being told you run like a girl.They world is full of negative ideas and images that its not alright to be female.That you must strive to be like a man to be value and respected. I have personally been battling with mainly sexist black men with criminal records for months who don’t respect my ideas or work & even steal my work online. But claim not to be sexist and claim to have the solutions for the world but seem to present nothing but criticism.

Knowing my parents came to Britain to give me and my sister a better chance in life then what we would have in Nigeria .Its angers me when I have to deal with men & black men who are trying to stop the progress of black women just for there ego.

Also long as your female on this planet there seems to be a bunch of men and boys who belief your inferior to them . And seek to let you know about there belief every minute of the day. In Nigeria and Africa the sexism and the value place on girls and women life is lied bare. Everybody’s heard of the girls kidnapped by the terrorism group Boko Haram, well unfortunately there another bunch of girls who have been kidnapped for school recently .But this time there no international out cry. With these events happening I can see why my mother and dad wanted me and my sister to be school in England and not Nigeria. A girls and women life isnt valued as much as a boy or man.

This sort of mentality was very prevail in the west but due to colonialism and women fighting for equal rights , there more value placed on women and girls here then in  Africa. Here isn’t perfect but girl & women have more opportunities education wise ,even if your family is poor in the UK then in Africa due to the free education here !

Here the challenges or different , every parent can afford to education there girls here because primary and secondary education is free. But the challenges come when you want to go university , due to Labour and the Tory party introducing tuition fees .Many working class families cant afford the fees and  many parents would rather still spend the money educating a boy then a girl. Also even if you can afford to educated your girls to university level and they come out with the same qualifications  as a boy. Women are still pay less. The prevailing attitude in the west is still that a mans opinion is worth more then a woman opinion. You only have to go to the books shop and see how many books are written by men and how many are written by women. Most of the time you will see that more books are from male authors not female authors. Even in Tv and Media you will see that mans opinion is valued more and women.Women have to be beautiful , young to be valued .She’s not just judge on her qualifications and experience like a man. She will be judged on her beauty and a lot of the time , shes used as women dressing .

There always a prevailing thought in western society, that woman must be seen and not heard.If she is heard, she is called feminist , aggressive , a man hater or lesbian. I get that vibe a lot , that some men just don’t want a women to challenge there opinion or to speak unless it agreeing with a theirs opinion.  Also many cant handle if you point out that they made a mistake. Many men are ruled by ego not what is right and justice !

I could go on but this blogpost will go on forever. I have learnt a lot, the past couple of months interacting with men. Its made me a strong woman !

Even though I have had a barge of criticism from men trolls for the last couple of months. Lucky there’s been some lovely black men and women who have donate and supported my small YouTube channel that have kept me going. Thank you ,your what makes me want to keep fighting and blogging.

Going back to the womens issues .

I feel like real women’s issues aren’t dress and black women are forgot about. Its seems like the transgender women are constantly stealing the limelight and us working class women especially of the chocolate variety are forgot about. Here in the west some people mainly men , actually believe women need to stop moaning about women rights. When we get what we want , then we women will be quiet until then take a seat gentlemen .


I use to make the effort to attend women events , all in the name of sister hood. But the events are dominate by middle class white women who just don’t have the same struggle as working class black women like me. I felt left out. And the black events are dominate by black men who think black women should stand by them,while there misogynist too them. You cant win. Lately I seem to be running into these thuggish black men who claim black men , made everything expect the moon and sky. That black men have historically never oppressed black women ,which is nonsense.Most of these black men who say this have never lived in a black country or visited one.  They also seem to write black women out of history , while they have there white women on there hand. And then expect me to support them .No way will l support no black man , who writes black women out of history , while praising white women ! Its the Taye Diggs complex , in love with Becky not the black woman that put your butt on the planet.

They talk about how great black mans rule is but can’t explain why black people are globally at the bottom or why black men are kidnapping young black teen girls in Nigeria .They only thing they blame is white supremacy aka white men for black folks problems. They never seem to take any blame for the current state of the black community globally. Just pointing fingers. It just comes across to me , as low racial self esteem to claim black man build everything but forget that he cant give birth to humanity .One of the most important jobs in the world. Would any man be here without a woman giving birth to him as a baby? No they wouldn’t ! Not that these convicts black male trolls mention this.

I am truthfully sick of seeing this sexism. Another thing is most black events aren’t in London , it is well to far for me to go and I don’t have anyone to stay with in London . It just seems like black men and women in northern England ain’t interested in women rights .Everyone else to be just getting on with life or just moaning about it. Not doing everything to change things. I might see if I can organised an event for black women in Manchester to celebrate black womanhood. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is going to do it and the black men in Manchester wont do it. Half of them are with white women anyway . I don’t think a lot of black British men appreciate black women but they sure as hell seem to appreciate white women. Tears !

I was thinking about showcasing black makeup , clothing , food tasting , showing films , also speeches from important strong black women in the community and maybe a cooking competition like the best mums recipe event. Like British bake off but with a black twist.We have to blow are own trumpet. Its a bit late to organised some thing but they do say its important to be the change you want to see. We will see folks .Please drop your ideas especially if your interested in networking with me in North West England for a Celebrating black women and girl event. I think a day or two might be needy .

Anyway happy International women’s day ! Please comment share on social media .

Negro Myth !

I love blogging and one of the main reasons I blog is to help destroy the racist myths that   black Africans all look alike. And when they dont look alike, its due to European or Asian blood.White European & American political elite put this myth out in the 18 & 19 century that there was only one true black African. And that person had tight kinky curl hair , big lips and dark skin. Former president of Nigerian Goodluck fits the true negro look. Any anyone else who was black African was mixed. This myth was what helped create civil war in Rwanda .


The myth was to back up the European claim that ancient Egypt wasn’t a black civilization ,that it was a white civilization or at least Asian Arab one .

One of the problems was that there black Africans with the so called Caucasian features , that white folk claim they and Asian have a copyright on.The copyright there claiming is narrow features , straight or wavy hair, green or blue eyes , light skin .Unfortunately for the white supremacist Black Africans have all these features too before white folk got them. Most people know these features are popular in Horn Africans like Iman but they can before in south , central and west Africa too.


beebz ethiopian YouTuber
beebz ethiopian YouTuber

Here some Nigerians women with fine facial features of Nigeria is in West Africa.



Also in central Africa you find them there too. Also you can find fair skin black  west Africans who aren’t mixed like this Nigerian YouTuber and her mother I AM ORMUKA. They were called mixed in USA but there DNA proof  just proof there just black African descent. Are we black Africans lovely and diverse,

Then there the green eye and blue eye black Africans like singer Lamar hes igbo Nigerian.


If we compare Nigerian Diezani Alison Madueke and Somalis Dr Hawa Abdi both have  similar facial features . And if Alison was dress up as a typical Somalis women , folks wouldn’t know she’s Nigerian. And Somalis Dr Hawa Abd loves Nigerian fashion I didn’t realise she was Somalis woman as she was dressing very west African style. So this myth  all horn African Somalis look alike isn’t true they have a diverse look too. 

petroleum-minister.jpg     dr.-hawa-abdi


Then there the little Ugandan girl with the dark skin and blue eyes. Black African is very diverse like the scientists say without being mixed with European or Asian blood but when folks will understand this, God only knows .The main reasons there say black Africans look different is diet , environment facts and genetics . Have you notice White and Asians can look different they don’t claim there mixed but Black Africans look different all a sudden there mixed. Its plain racism .

Here a west African mother and daughter with the straight wavy hair and the fine facial features the folks claiming dont exist in west Africa. If there were in Uk or USA some would say there Somalis east African not west African  Tuareg of Niger .

Please comment and share my blog post love Betty

Tuareg Women
Tuareg Women



Megan Markle marrying the prince !

Megan Markle is going to marry Prince Harry  and I wanted to blog about this .As I feel like its important .Due to the fact that she’s of African Descent with an African American women and White American father.

Megan Markle

Shes classically beautiful and fits the western standard of beauty e.g thin narrow nose and thin lips. But due to her African heritage she looks Spanish looking , she could pass for Spanish or Italian unless you see her with her curly hair .She normal wears it straight.I think she’s the accepted face of black Britain , she not too black but black enough for British political elite to ignore the accusations of institutionalize racism. She,’ll be use to promote multi racial society supposing living in harmony around the world and especially in Africa. YouTuber Jade mention this in her video worth a watch, please show Jade Dill channel some love.

I think if she had the true stereotype negro African features .e.g the  brown skin , thick wide nose, thick lips and curly hair .She wouldn’t be marrying the prince. She would be hes mistress kept in the shadows or if she was the bride she would face a barge of criticism. And vire racism.


What fun is even though she could pass for white ,she still faced racism and attacks. From the media Daily Mirror and social media. What’s also strange is Harry is being presented as this benevolent humanitarian crusader. But wasn’t he the one who dress up in the Nazi uniform

prince_harry_nazi  And arent the royal family well recorded as being racist.But sometimes love has a strange way of making folks not see the obviously.

There a huge media campaign wage , showcasing him as a clone of hes mother. He’s photography with African kids, my shade of brown .With a very sad story like there parents have died .And Harry doing everything he can to change there future by raising money while not using hes own money .This is to take away for hes mistake of the past.

Prince Harry Windsor

Looks like its working, I haven’t heard the mainstream media mention the racism in the royal family .I have only heard People of colour mention it. Like Yasim Brown here

Only time will tell if the marriage works. But I don’t expect her to help race relations in Britain. Having a princess of African descent in Britain isn’t going to do shit for me or most people of African descent in Britain. It looks like a propaganda exercise. What funny about it is shes not the first women of African descent on the British throne.

British Queen Charlotte was the wife of George III and of German descent. But she also was of African ancestry. And Philippa of Hainault (1314-69), consort of Edward III also was of African descent. Read about them both in this Guardian article


Whats your thoughts would you marry a man with a past and family likes hes?

Trump ShitHole Africa


Trump and hes racism. Trump is with no shadow of a doubt , a bigot and racist .I am not surprise by hes comments & him supposedly saying Africa is a shithole. For years black Africans like me have been subject to blatant racism and prejudice from whites, blacks and Asians. Its been swept under the carpet for a long time. Its time to take a stand.


What annoying about Trumps comments is in a speech months ago ,he praised Africa .Say hes friends are investing in Africa and getting rich of Africa’s wealth. Another thing about Trump ,is he has investment in Egypt and South Africa. If he really thought Africa was a shit hole. would he invest millions of dollars in hotel industry in Africa. Donald Trump is hypocrite and a liar. He doesn’t care about hes blatant racism , against Africans and how it effects them , as long as our Continent continues to make him rich.  Hes what they call a sociopaths !

I was talking to my white friend about Trump and she was surprise I had been bullied by Caribbeans kids even though there of African descent. The anti African sentiment is strong in the descent of enslaved Africans , even though slavery ended in 1880 .

People forget ,that to keep that many people enslaved ,you have to teach them to hate themselves and anything that reminders them of there African roots.

It makes me very angry the After effects of Atlantic slavery trade.And it doesn’t help when racist like Trump enjoy adding fumed to the fire. One of the main problems , is the lack of political will in Africa. To deal with anti African sentiment and the offspring of Africans slaves who are still traumatized and having an identity crisis.

There varies reasons as to why there no plan for the descent of enslaved Africans but the UN has recognise the racism and discrimination that Africans , African Caribbeans , Americans.

They have organised a UN decade of people of African descent but one of the countries that cause the problem Britain is refusing to acknowledged it. No surprise there. The political elite of Britain, still see the descendants of slaves as slaves and people of there colony’s as subjects .

I personally ain’t thankfully and fed up of the plain ignorant western imperialism in Africa has cause. Africa and its people like me are still trying to recover. Its a long process. I write my blog to spread awareness of the systematical discrimination ,us black Africans face in a world dominated by racism aka white supremacy .The lack of resources we face is so unjust and unfair especially in Africa. I am personally fed up of telling my relatives in Africa , that the  streets of Britain ain’t paved with gold. That’s I cant just afford to pop to Africa just because we miss each other.

Even the flights to Africa are expensive , even though its near to Europe then USA. USA is cheaper to flight to then Africa but twice the amount of flight time. Africans are getting ripped off, why the Europeans profit from our miserable. The world economy is stilted to flavour the western Europeans and there offspring in USA , Australia, South Africa. Currently European Airlines dominated Africa airways. When I go to Africa I will personally be flying African airlines its about supporting other Africans like me.

What going on right now is Africans and black people are waking up and saying we have had enough of racism .That’s why we have BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and the anti Libyan slavery protests. As a black African , I am not willing to be a second class citizen under a system of white supremacy , its time we stand up and be counted . Africanslivesmatter and so do  Blacklivesmatter . NO JUSTICE NO PEACE !

Here is a video of the Carol Duggan who fights for justice for black people and working class people, after her nephew was killed by police   .