Megan Markle marrying the prince !

Megan Markle is going to marry Prince Harry  and I wanted to blog about this .As I feel like its important .Due to the fact that she’s of African Descent with an African American women and White American father.

Megan Markle

Shes classically beautiful and fits the western standard of beauty e.g thin narrow nose and thin lips. But due to her African heritage she looks Spanish looking , she could pass for Spanish or Italian unless you see her with her curly hair .She normal wears it straight.I think she’s the accepted face of black Britain , she not too black but black enough for British political elite to ignore the accusations of institutionalize racism. She,’ll be use to promote multi racial society supposing living in harmony around the world and especially in Africa. YouTuber Jade mention this in her video worth a watch, please show Jade Dill channel some love.

I think if she had the true stereotype negro African features .e.g the  brown skin , thick wide nose, thick lips and curly hair .She wouldn’t be marrying the prince. She would be hes mistress kept in the shadows or if she was the bride she would face a barge of criticism. And vire racism.


What fun is even though she could pass for white ,she still faced racism and attacks. From the media Daily Mirror and social media. What’s also strange is Harry is being presented as this benevolent humanitarian crusader. But wasn’t he the one who dress up in the Nazi uniform

prince_harry_nazi  And arent the royal family well recorded as being racist.But sometimes love has a strange way of making folks not see the obviously.

There a huge media campaign wage , showcasing him as a clone of hes mother. He’s photography with African kids, my shade of brown .With a very sad story like there parents have died .And Harry doing everything he can to change there future by raising money while not using hes own money .This is to take away for hes mistake of the past.

Prince Harry Windsor

Looks like its working, I haven’t heard the mainstream media mention the racism in the royal family .I have only heard People of colour mention it. Like Yasim Brown here

Only time will tell if the marriage works. But I don’t expect her to help race relations in Britain. Having a princess of African descent in Britain isn’t going to do shit for me or most people of African descent in Britain. It looks like a propaganda exercise. What funny about it is shes not the first women of African descent on the British throne.

British Queen Charlotte was the wife of George III and of German descent. But she also was of African ancestry. And Philippa of Hainault (1314-69), consort of Edward III also was of African descent. Read about them both in this Guardian article


Whats your thoughts would you marry a man with a past and family likes hes?


Trump ShitHole Africa


Trump and hes racism. Trump is with no shadow of a doubt , a bigot and racist .I am not surprise by hes comments & him supposedly saying Africa is a shithole. For years black Africans like me have been subject to blatant racism and prejudice from whites, blacks and Asians. Its been swept under the carpet for a long time. Its time to take a stand.


What annoying about Trumps comments is in a speech months ago ,he praised Africa .Say hes friends are investing in Africa and getting rich of Africa’s wealth. Another thing about Trump ,is he has investment in Egypt and South Africa. If he really thought Africa was a shit hole. would he invest millions of dollars in hotel industry in Africa. Donald Trump is hypocrite and a liar. He doesn’t care about hes blatant racism , against Africans and how it effects them , as long as our Continent continues to make him rich.  Hes what they call a sociopaths !

I was talking to my white friend about Trump and she was surprise I had been bullied by Caribbeans kids even though there of African descent. The anti African sentiment is strong in the descent of enslaved Africans , even though slavery ended in 1880 .

People forget ,that to keep that many people enslaved ,you have to teach them to hate themselves and anything that reminders them of there African roots.

It makes me very angry the After effects of Atlantic slavery trade.And it doesn’t help when racist like Trump enjoy adding fumed to the fire. One of the main problems , is the lack of political will in Africa. To deal with anti African sentiment and the offspring of Africans slaves who are still traumatized and having an identity crisis.

There varies reasons as to why there no plan for the descent of enslaved Africans but the UN has recognise the racism and discrimination that Africans , African Caribbeans , Americans.

They have organised a UN decade of people of African descent but one of the countries that cause the problem Britain is refusing to acknowledged it. No surprise there. The political elite of Britain, still see the descendants of slaves as slaves and people of there colony’s as subjects .

I personally ain’t thankfully and fed up of the plain ignorant western imperialism in Africa has cause. Africa and its people like me are still trying to recover. Its a long process. I write my blog to spread awareness of the systematical discrimination ,us black Africans face in a world dominated by racism aka white supremacy .The lack of resources we face is so unjust and unfair especially in Africa. I am personally fed up of telling my relatives in Africa , that the  streets of Britain ain’t paved with gold. That’s I cant just afford to pop to Africa just because we miss each other.

Even the flights to Africa are expensive , even though its near to Europe then USA. USA is cheaper to flight to then Africa but twice the amount of flight time. Africans are getting ripped off, why the Europeans profit from our miserable. The world economy is stilted to flavour the western Europeans and there offspring in USA , Australia, South Africa. Currently European Airlines dominated Africa airways. When I go to Africa I will personally be flying African airlines its about supporting other Africans like me.

What going on right now is Africans and black people are waking up and saying we have had enough of racism .That’s why we have BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and the anti Libyan slavery protests. As a black African , I am not willing to be a second class citizen under a system of white supremacy , its time we stand up and be counted . Africanslivesmatter and so do  Blacklivesmatter . NO JUSTICE NO PEACE !

Here is a video of the Carol Duggan who fights for justice for black people and working class people, after her nephew was killed by police   .

Dark Skin Black women being demonized in the media!

Dark Skin black women of the mahogany variety are constantly being demonized .And are having there feminine stripped away. They are regularly presented as androgyny , as more masculine then there fair skin sisters. Its a very damaging and dehumanize for black women .Its continue of what was happening under colonization and slavery .That black people were class as half human.

alex wek 2

This is Sudenese model Alek Wek below and here is a disgusting photo which stinks of racism.Why are dark skin black women nearly always present as over masculine, why is dark skin black woman photography with devil horns all the way down her body?

When fair skin black women like Beyonce are celebrated. Its like the closer your are to white the more human your presented.Photos like these, brainwash people into using brutal behave towards black women It makes white people scared of dark skin black women especially.

alex wek
Alek Wek

Grace Jones in the 80s was presented the same was , as to say she less attractive then a medium brown skin black women like Kelly Rowland.

Grace Jones

Dark skin black women seems to be photography to make them look scary, dark & sinister. Look at how Mel Brown was named Scary Spice just over hair.But in contrast look at how a white woman like Sinead O Connor ,when has she been portray as masculine, just because she has a bald head? Racism can be very convert , people.

Sinead O Connor


A dark skin Black women feminine is always questioned, as to say she lacks it compare to light skin women.I am fed up of the subtle racism at play here .The question prose by  Sojourner Truth proposed Aint I women ? Is as relevant today , as it was for her. There are people celebrating the Black Panther Movie but not asking how many times do we have to see dark skin bald head black women presented as masculine and wonder why black women are killed at the hands of white police officers.

Just my thoughts folks please share on social media and comment..

scary brown
Scary Spice

Amara La Negra & Afro

Amara La Negra ,my god shes a beautiful sister.But unfortunately she’s been suffering anti African sentiment from another Latino person called Young Hollywood .I have spoken about this on my channel and have been told anti African sentiment in the Caribbean , Americans ,Britain is a thing of the past. Obviously I know its a blatant lie , I still today have to deal with Black Caribbeans who are blatant insulting my African heritage and ignoring there own. What happened to Amara , shows me just how much there anti African and dark skin sentiment in Caribbean , Americas and the West.

amera 5
Amara La Negra

Both black , brown and white people suffer from this condition .Called it Afrophobia and Negrophobia .Young Hollywood the Latin producer, felt it was perfectly alright to tell Amara that she need to get rid of that African look and the Afro. That she need to be more Beyonce and less Macy Gary .Hes been receiving death threats since.Poor thing. And hes defense is that people need to stop calling him racist and fucked up . And start blaming the CEO of these companies who want a white looking black women . E.g white girl dipped in chocolate like Beyonce look.

amera 1
Amara La Negra

I do agree with that statement about going after these White CEOs but it still shows hes dislikes for Africans .And dark skin people who are proud of there African heritage.  He justified, hes anti African sentiment by saying Amara’s hair not real but fail to mention Beyonce hair not hers too.Its shows you he dislikes Black Africans a lot and any Latin who looks very African looking. Amara La Negra said shes proud of her African heritage and that she was lucky enough to do a Spanish concert in Equator Guinea ,Africa

Amara La Negra

I am sure hes got African ancestry too , like many of the mixed Caribbean folk but deny its and bangs on about hes Spanish and Native American blood.Unfortunately anti African and dark skin sentiment is rife there .And in Americans and the west in general . As a kid growing up in England ,I was bullied by black Caribbean kids for being African but they never mention there own African heritage lol .I made a decision to stop hanging out with them at 11 years old and it was the best decision I made.From then on I was unapologetically African and still am. My other African friends who continue to hangout with the Caribbean kids continued to get bullied for being African.

Its still the same story.I still hear African kids complain about being bullied for being African or dark skin. It amazes me how prejudice some Caribbeans people can be to each other. I remember a beautiful dark skin Jamaican girl, that the other Caribbeans kids were always bullying for being Dark Skin. The house nigger vs the field slave is alive and well even though slavery in the Caribbean is over.

There a story of British Jamaican model complaining that she was called an African , it didn’t click to Leomie Anderson that her ancestors were Africans and that shes of African descent full stop. And if your dark skin your going to look more African. Jamaican isn’t a DNA its just a Nationality. Majority of Jamaican DNA is West and Central African DNA obviously Leomie miss the memo. Here a video of Leomie ,the reason she get called an African is because she looks like one lol. If she was light skin, she wouldn’t get mistaken for an African so much.I think many Caribbeans are confused about what west Africans look like. As I get many Caribbean thinking I am Caribbean .Even to the point of them asking me who I am related too in Manchester. I think there an idea that all west Africans are dark skin and look a like.Which isnt true.

In Britain African Caribbeans have been encourage to disconnect from there African heritage by British Government labeling them Black Caribbean or Caribbean .Which makes folks like Leomie hate on there African heritage

I think a lot of black Caribbean and Americans are afraid to be honest about there low racial self esteem. I think there pain gets silenced under that Rastafarianism Pan African banner.

As an African you come across a lot of hate from various corners but it makes me very sad and makes me angry. I am fed up of dealing with self hating Caribbeans and fed up of Caribbeans who want to hide the fact, that a lot them hate on there African heritage and Africans in general.So many of them want to put a ban aid on and deny reality. Just last week I came across a crazy Haitian women hating on Africans and verbal attacking me for slavery .I had to put the nutcase in her place.Whats fun about it is, the Haitians are meant not to hate Africans or Africa lol. Especially since they wanted to join the African Union. Maybe they should deal with some of there peoples low racial self esteem before trying to join African Union.Just a thought.

Slavery and colonization has given a lot of people of African descent low racial self esteem. Heres a video on the important of racial self esteem.

Its doesn’t help with racists like Donald Trump calling Africa and Haiti a shit hole .But I am glad it happened ,as its prove me right .That there still a lot anti black African sentiment around. The fight goes on folks Africanlivesmatter and so does blacklivesmatter.

Black men don’t read black women books

I am asked all the time if I am feminist .I am not but I sure as hell believe in rights for women and girls.Its becoming quite apparent ,over the last couple of months of networking that with black men. That Black men can be just as sexist as white men. Many black men talk for black men as well as black women.And cant see why this would wrong. They claim there going to be liberating black women and black child from racism aka white supremacy. But most of theses black men haven’t ever read a book written by a black women .But have read many books written by black men but they claim there fighting for black women. I am getting fed up of the hypocrisy


I regularly give black men the right of reply and actually read black men work but I know for a fact most black men never do the same for black women. Its disgusting and not fair. Not only do we black women have to battle racism ,we have to deal with sexist white and black men.This year 2018 I will be reading a lot more black women work and limiting the books of black and white men I read . Until I see the respect coming from black men ,that black women deserve that it. Black men’s books will be only be on 25 percentage ratio on my book shelves from now on.

Talk is cheap I expect Black men to read my work and other black womens work ,if not I might have to have a book burning ceremony . wink wink.

In the words of Sojourner Truth ain’t i a woman.Black Power


Munroe Bergdorf: L’Oreal transgender model on ‘white supremacy

Unless you have been under a rock ,you will have notice the uproar from Loreal Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf putting white supremacy on blast and the backlash from what she wrote on her facebook page .In relation to how she feel racism aka white supremacy effects people of colour worldwide.

I have made a video on my thoughts but I missed I few points ,I would like to address  this in this blog post.

I feel like her comment which were ” Honestly I dont have the energy to talk about the racial violence of white people .Yes All white people ”

L’Oréal sacks Munroe Bergdorf over ‘all whites are racist’ Facebook post

Is nothing compare to Cheryl Cole being employed by Loreal as diversity model even though she was convicted for aggravated assault and accussed of  racially aggravated assault.This is a great crime to me then a few words written by a traumatized person of colour like Munroe Bergdorf after seeing white supremacist kill people for trying to get rid of white supremacy.It seems like white mainstream society doesnt want to know about people of colours pain, just about white people pain.

It is amazing the amount of white people making video’s about Munroe comments but not calling out Loreal double standards on racism.

What I have learnt from the experinece of Munroe ,is dont bite then hands that feeds you, unless your are prepared to be fired for speaking up against injustice.

And that Loreal is still a white supremacy beauty company that is happy to employ racists and thugs like Cheryl Cole if they promoting white supremacy but not brown skin people who complain about the effect of white supremacy on people of colour.

I havent been a fan of Loreal for a long time, they are forever been accussed of racism aka white supremacy from bleaching Beyonce in beauty ads to not emloying people of colour .The list of there crimes is endless and they have lost court cases due to there racism.

You’re worth it – if white. L’Oréal guilty of racism

I feel like this is one global white beauty company that doesnt need my money .I feel like they are part of the problem not the solution and dont care about the injustice of white supremacy as long as they keep making money.

I feel like Munroe ever though I dont agreed that all white people are racist is proving just how much white supremacy runs the world and how much many white people arent ready to give up there white prilvege.Many of them are part of the problem not the solution .And dont really care ,what effect it has on people of colour or how angry it makes people of colour .

I feel like Munroe has taught me to press on with my dreams of starting my own beauty brand in the future .And to keep vlogging and blogging as my story is important as a women of colour.I think the only way to rid the world of white supremacy ,is for us people of colour .To tell our stories and not wait on white people to get rid of white supreamacy .

I also think Munroe is having the last laugh ,as she now been offered another makeup brand contract with illamasqua ,which accepts her just as she is and doesnt expect her to keep silence over white privllage and racism.

Well done to illamasqua for standing up to injustice and racism.



No justice No Peace Rashan Charles

Dear Brother I dont know what to say ,my heart is heavy. Its like the same shit different century. We shades of brown are not judge with humanity but by racist white supremacy standards .You were choked out like an animal and you could have been eating a sweet or food. But in the newspapers and the twitter sphere no one mention that .You were judge purely on your skin tone.
I am sorry for your family pain ,sorry for the kids you left behind. May your death not be in vain.May all the martyrs that have been killed by police brutality whether black ,yellow and white not dead in vain.
Here is the list of people killed by UK injustice system ,police brutality or in police custody
White people
Ian Tomlinson, Jordon Begley, Henry Foley, Richard O’Brien, Clement Blair Peach and Roger Sylveste
Black people
Sarah Reed, Mark Duggan, Cherry Groce, Joy Gardner, Sean Rigg, Oluwashijibomi Lapite, and Christopher Alder

Solutions people we must demand are rights ,that its not a crime to be of african descent ,its not a crime to be working class white person.

No justice No peace.