The day Jeremy Corbyn came to town.

Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader came my town this week. I was quite excited and shocked ,as I live in the poor part of the city of Salford .Its full of social housing , broken dreams and people with health issues e.g drugs,alcohol etc but its my home.

For me it was so nice to see a politician who cares about the average Joe and who is prepare to come to the deprived part of Salford. And who’s prepared to fight for sick ,disabled ,the low pay workers etc. Knowing farewell the wolves of the political class and there henchman in the media .Will be there to throw anyone who dares to say Britain is a country run for the rich to the wolves.And to discredited the person at every turn.It takes a special person to be able, to stand up to that kind of scrutiny and still show compassion, at the end of it.

Jeremy has been to Salford a few times since he became leader of the Labour party and he seems genuine .I cant remember a time Tory leader or Liberal Democrats leader turn up in Salford ,especially the part I live in.

I was waiting for Jeremy with a pack of other people outside the local shopping centre in Salford  where I live.He arrived on a big coach and the press BBC Laura Kuenssberg and North West today jump on Jeremy like a pack of wolves.


There seem to be a lot of press camera’s as he left the coach and no supporters .The Labour supporters were across the road on the grass next to Tesco. But the press seem to have blocked labour supporters from seeing him or getting anywhere near him.The police were also there too.

Its was quite disappointing with the press packs behavior. You would think it was a press conference not a chance for Jeremy to speak to he’s supporters.It left a nasty taste in my mouth.


Jeremy made a beautiful speech when the press allowed him to get too hes supporters. But hes people didn’t even bother to make sure the microphone worked .So you couldn’t hear most of what he was saying.It was just stupid and annoying.

It seems like everyone had a camera phone or camera including me. And those bloody professional photography with huge zoom camera blocked people from being able to see Jeremy.

It wasn’t well organised and towards the end a white man started shouting at Jeremy that he was un electable .And that he didn’t care about the white working class people.

I thought to myself another racists, there quite a few around here .Its a breeding ground for BNP.( I have found BNP newspaper in my local library on the table) & there cousins UKIP.

I didn’t say anything .I just thought when has the elite of the uk really cared for the white working class. Most of what there have was fought for. People die for the vote ,fought wars which weren’t there fight.Fought and campaign for NHS and the welfare state .It wasn’t given just because white upper class people believed in human rights .It was a fight hundred years in the making,

In conclusion ,I feel like Politics in this country ,seem to be for journalists to write exceptionally mean things about MP’s and the people they govern .And to make a living sell the line ,that radical change is the wrong way to go about solving problems. And that the change that is needed is a small change and not to rock the boat.

With Journalists like BBC Laura Kuenssberg you know what shes going to say before she speaks.Its like a script coming from her mouth.She’s the voice of the British Establishment ,her job is too keep the status quo going.

Politics that is grassroots and allows the average Joe to inter act with there leaders and  there representatives doesn’t exist. here.The mainstream media help keep the status quote going and UK Politics has become a show at the Coliseum for when people get restless ,like in ancient Rome to sub divert a revolution .Sad but true .Please share and comment.

Nus President Malia Bouattia


Malia Bouattia the NUS President has lost her job and the NUS has elected a new leader But I want to talk about, is the shit she has had thrown at her through her career as the president of the NUS.

Racism, Islamophobia,Sexism is what has been throw at Malia Bouattia all the way through her term as the NUS president .I am personally proud of her .The way she shoulder on despite dead threats.The way she didnt try to plenty to be white for a easy ride in this world rule by the colour of your skin.

She didnt deny her Black African ancestors for her white ancestors or middle east ancestors. She stood tall. She didnt claim she was Arab and ignore the fact that her parents are from Algeria which is in Africa not the middle east.Like so many mixed north Africans do.

She fought hard for black students darker then her as she fought for lesbians ,gays ,trans people ,refugees,women, migrants ,muslims etc.I think that makes her a damm good president in my book .A president for all people.

But I do think the shit she has had thrown at her shows you just how bad Racism sexism and Islamophobia is in Britain today.

I am a mature student and value my NUS card ,even though I struggled to afford it this year.

But Malia story highlights to me just how racist Britain is today. I made a YouTube video in the past about the online racism I have faced.And its funny some of us dark skin women always like to think that light skin black women or mixed black people have it easier but Malia has faced the same kind of shit Diana Abbot gets .Its disgusting really.And the funny thing is NUS have elect another black women to be president of the NUS.Its amazing how strong black women are in the face of torrent of abuse. (I personally don’t think enough is done to protect people of colour from racial abuse in Britain)

Just wait for the comments talking about the new president Shakira Martin appearance, her being a single mother and being black.


Any women of colour or a Muslim women in the public eye better have thick skin because Racism aka White supremacy rules Britain.If you are brave enough to stand up too it .Expected to be scared and for someone to threaten to kill you for believing that black people are just as human as white people . Peace and love family. Congratz to the new president Shakira Martin


Why Blog About Politics

Why blog about politics I ask myself ? When this blog is supposed to be about beauty ,fashion ,travel & lifestyle.

Politics effects everyday life, decision are made about your life whether you like it or not.The political structure of Britain is one of little input from the people who are governed.The political class govern and everyone else is just met to follow. Its truthly patience .I am amaze there’s not a revolution tomorrow.

I remember political decision effecting my everyday life as a kid.I remember the local library being bulldozed, cause apparently to many drug dealers were peddling there trade outside. Eye roll.

The library was called Moss Side Library , it was a safe haven for the local kids. A place where the gang banger and drug dealers didn’t both to go inside the library ,as that wasn’t there thing. There business was making quick fast money. Me and my friends were in the business of trying to stay out of the boys with guns way .

I was totally devastated when the Local Government knocked it down.( Moss Side Precinct Shopping Centre was also knocked down, as it was attach to the library) Its was a great place and all the adults put off the gang bangers from coming in and causing trouble .Plus there wasn’t any bullying unlike in the Moss Side youth club, me and my big sister had to stop going there as there were too many bullies.


Me and my big sister had to walk 45 minutes to the next library , my mum couldn’t give us bus fare as single mother ,she was skint. And my dead beat father was hiding out in Africa ignoring hes responsibility like a lot of men do.Eye roll .Hope your not resting in peace Dad.

We use to struggle to the library, rain or shine , in the dead of winter even when it was dark .I must admit it was hard and scary .It was 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back on foot. Plus the gangbangers were also out at night also day too.

Lucky we survive but I wouldn’t recommend 8 and 10 year old walking around crime infested Moss Side in that era or any other area like that.It wasn’t safe .But you know Government didnt give a shitty about the local kids.

And funnily enough that library was never replaced. Thats politics for you .

Thats why I blog about politics, as you can’t escape it in your everyday life ,even you kids can’t escape it.

If anyone in any doubt just how dangerous Moss Side was, Benji Stanley was shot at 14 years old. I remember playing in the Moss side swimming pool with Benji few years before .He was a friend of a friend.We must have been about 10 or 11 years old. He was shot dead a few years later at a local takeaway.



Rest in Peace Benji

The body countdown is endless in Moss side and the neighbouring areas.

You can imagine just why having that library close down really effect me and the kids of the area.I will never forgive the local government for that decision.Thats one of the things that made me care about politics. Its literally, you even roll with the political class and know what decisions will effect you and your family .Or you will get rolled over.

Fight the power that be.

To be continued.

British Vogue’s New Editor

Gosh diversity is now in fashion and British Vogue has finally give Alexander Shulman the editor of British Vogue the push after 25 years .And its bringing in a new editor of the Cocoa Brown variety. Pic below.

This may not since like a big deal.But for a high end magazine like Vogue which is mainly targeted at British White Upper Class and middle class women .Its amazing.

Naomi Campbell

The fashion world in the west has been accused of white supremacy aka racism for constantly showcasing only women and men of European descent for years now.Whether its USA or Europe.Its constantly ignores the fact that ,people of European descent are minority in the world.

The penny starting to drop especially since the fastest growing economies are in Africa and Asia not the west.If the western fashion industry wants to survive ,they can’t keep ignoring brown and black people. And due to western colonialism more of us wear clothing even western clothing. Are birthday suits just wont do anymore.Yes folks there are still people in Nigeria the land of my ancestry,that don’t wear clothes. Koma Tribe of North Nigeria and Cameroon Pic being the birthday suit type Pic below

There like my folks before the British came ,with there bible in one hand and a gun in another .We only wore raffa skirt ,leaves etc.And if we were a bit rich ,we would get some cloth from the muslim tribes of Nigeria e.g Hausa,Fulani ,Yoruba who are especially good at weaving cloth. And wrap it around are waist until the corrupt Christian missionaries e.g Irish ,Scots told us to to wear tops ,to cover are bare breast ,so they could flogs us manufactured British cloth .And the cotton was taken from northern Nigeria  at place called Kano processed in Britain the sent back to us and flog back to us.

The British,Dutch,French we forever trying to find new markets for there manufactured goods.And British and Europe jobs depended on it. Theres no point being able to create mass market clothing if not enough people are buying them. I tell you taking people resources making something out of it, then having the cheek to sell it back to them is a piss take.

koma tribe
Koma Tribe of Nigeria & Cameroon.

Back to the topic.The new editor is Edward Enninful ,hes a British Ghanaian ,a former model and stylist. He learnt hes love of fashion from hes mom who is a dressmaker.

I really  hope he actually puts some brown and black models on the cover ,as there was only one black model on the cover of British Vogue Naomi Campbell .Then last year Jourdan Dunn make the cover.British Vogue doesn’t do much of anything but white and rich.Its about time folk realise not everyone in Britain is white or of European descent. Theres are people of African descent like me who are Cocoa Brown and speak with English accent. And I can’t wear leaves or my Birthday suit as Britain is just to cold.

Edward will have ,a uphill struggle as racism aka white supremacy in the British ruling classes is worsen then in the working classes.

Good luck Edward you will need it.

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Women & Career breaks

I have worked about 7 years in total from 17 to 38 years old. And it has dawn on me just how much people look down on the unemployed and women in general.

When I haven’t been working ,I’ve even been studying or looking for work. But I am truthly fed up ,with people asking me what I do when I ain’t working.

I follow my hobbies dumbo for the haters out there,which is blogging ,reading ,sewing, cycling etc.

These fucking feminist get right on my titties.A lot of feminism is just misogyny repacked

Its especially annoying when my work coach and employers ask me what I have been doing when I not been working. Its like people forget, that life still has purpose when your not working.

I am currently off work due to chronic fibroid pain and depression .But I got found fit for work. Even though I am not. My pain is still chronic and the Tramdol makes me sleepy and tired.

I had a male work adviser who wasn’t understanding so I requested a woman instead.As what the fuck does a man know about having a womb or fibroids. Its alot better but still hard. I am currently appealing my decision.

I feel hollow inside as I dont want to work. Its time for me to have a family. You can have a great job but still come home to a empty house. Plus who will look after me in my old age. Not the fucking Department of Work and Pensions.Its time to make a family.I feel like my illness is a sign from God, telling me to slow down and make a family.

I really hope I found a man to make babies with, so I can get off the Department of Work & Pension books .Its just so fucking annoying. I dont have good GCSES ,my grammar and punctuation is rubbish.I tried a English class but couldn’t cope with the three hours on my bun in pain ,on a rock hard chair.The hope of me finding a job is slim.

Its really hard right now.I really just want to piss off to Africa but I need money first.In Africa a women traditional role is valued at lot more .Women traditional roles are devalued in the west.especially Britain.

Women in Britain are meant to be superwomen, have a career, be a great wife and mother .Women who are just unemployed ,mothers or a housewife are fucking looked down on.Its truthly disgusting how these women are treated here.And there hardly anyone fighting for those women’s rights

With my current health problems ,people keep telling me to have a baby and the fibroids will go but I have to find a man first.

Sorry if I haven’t blog for a while life is stressful right now.


Afro hair and racial discrimination in UK

Well folks its seems racism is alive and well in UK.Its so fucking upsetting .I am so fed up of this shit happening ,time and time again. Knowing most of my black British friends are unemployed like me.

And watching white Britons ignore  white supremacy aka racism.Like its not a problem.Drives me crazy.

Recently Black British lady went for an interview with a high end store called Harrods and she was told ,she would only get the job if she chemically straighten her hair.


Its just disgusting,how black people with curly hair are treated in Britain.White Britons say black Britons dont want to work .But they dont want to employed us .The government ignore racism ,pressure black folk to get work .While ignoring the fact that white folk dont want to give black women or black men jobs.As well as muslims wearing Hijab.

Britain is my home but I just dont feel welcome anymore.I am seriously looking forward to moving abroad.Cant wait to visit Africa and be in a country there black people are the majority .And there they dont feel threaten by an afro.


Travel in 2017

I hope to travel this year ,to a lot of places.I am lucky to whole two passport, as a dual citizenship.One of the passport is a ECOWAS passport which allow me to travel visa free through West Africa and other exotic places. Like Fiji and Vanuatu (places where black people have naturally blonde Afros )

Blonde Afro

Also Barbados and quite a few countries in East and south east Africa.

I am always moaning about hating the cold damp weather of England.But when I first look at my ECOWAS passport I wasn’t excited.My mind was full of stereotypes of Africa. Even though I hate the cold and can’t imagine retirement in cold England.

So this year I have going to make some changes and have a positive mindset.And stop thinking that the west is the centre of the world.I want to go and visit the land of my forefathers and mothers.

Nigerian Passport

And I wouldn’t mind visiting Vanuatu ,it’s amazing to see natural blond afros. Even though there’s natural blonde afro Africans in Africa.But not as many as in Papau New Guinea.

It’s time to bordered my horizons.The only thing that puts me off ,is the scary stories of my Nigerians relatives and the constantly queue of other Africans complaining to me .That some African stolen there money ,when there just wanted to built a house in Africa .Or the African leader who turn into a dictator over night.That line comes from my Eritrea friends.

Or that theirs no constant electricity supply in Africa.

Seriously after all these scary stories, these Africans relatives and friends assure me that there were the only civilized Africans about and if they could just get rid of the other Africans life would be great in Africa.

I just rolled my eyes and keep quiet. And thought of one more year in England in the bloody cold, waiting on summer.God help me ,I hate the cold.

Then there was the worry that I might get chopped up or sold into slavery in Africa. Black skin aint worth much in some parts of  Africa .You will get more for white skin then my Coco Brown skin .But I finally thought, if the white man can go Africa why can’t I.

Its not like I haven’t been mistake for other Africans, my Gambia friend thought ,I was Gambian .Then I got mistake for a Somali. Then a Ugandan etc.

Really folks, all African phenotypes come out of East Africa.Why are people surprise that an West African can look East African.I don’t know.

My people the Efik /lbibio of Nigeria have a story that we came from Ethiopia ,through Sudan ,then Cameroon ,then Nigeria.

Yes I know that Sudan isnt next to Cameroon but that’s just how the story goes.Its sounds about right ,the scientist’s say Ethiopia is where oldest human has been found .Can’t wait to visit Ethiopia motherland.

I will fly Ethiopia Airlines to Nigeria ,as its dead cheap and I want to give my money to African airline not European airlines.Its also helps boost African economy.European airlines dominate African airways right now.  And people wonder why Africans struggle to can’t get jobs in Africa .And will risk there life to cross the Sahara and Mediterranean sea for Europe the promise land.

One of the reasons is because  European, America business come to Africa and dominate the Africa economy and drive Africans out of business.But that another blog post.

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