Munroe Bergdorf: L’Oreal transgender model on ‘white supremacy

Unless you have been under a rock ,you will have notice the uproar from Loreal Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf putting white supremacy on blast and the backlash from what she wrote on her facebook page .In relation to how she feel racism aka white supremacy effects people of colour worldwide.

I have made a video on my thoughts but I missed I few points ,I would like to address  this in this blog post.

I feel like her comment which were ” Honestly I dont have the energy to talk about the racial violence of white people .Yes All white people ”

L’Oréal sacks Munroe Bergdorf over ‘all whites are racist’ Facebook post

Is nothing compare to Cheryl Cole being employed by Loreal as diversity model even though she was convicted for aggravated assault and accussed of  racially aggravated assault.This is a great crime to me then a few words written by a traumatized person of colour like Munroe Bergdorf after seeing white supremacist kill people for trying to get rid of white supremacy.It seems like white mainstream society doesnt want to know about people of colours pain, just about white people pain.

It is amazing the amount of white people making video’s about Munroe comments but not calling out Loreal double standards on racism.

What I have learnt from the experinece of Munroe ,is dont bite then hands that feeds you, unless your are prepared to be fired for speaking up against injustice.

And that Loreal is still a white supremacy beauty company that is happy to employ racists and thugs like Cheryl Cole if they promoting white supremacy but not brown skin people who complain about the effect of white supremacy on people of colour.

I havent been a fan of Loreal for a long time, they are forever been accussed of racism aka white supremacy from bleaching Beyonce in beauty ads to not emloying people of colour .The list of there crimes is endless and they have lost court cases due to there racism.

You’re worth it – if white. L’Oréal guilty of racism

I feel like this is one global white beauty company that doesnt need my money .I feel like they are part of the problem not the solution and dont care about the injustice of white supremacy as long as they keep making money.

I feel like Munroe ever though I dont agreed that all white people are racist is proving just how much white supremacy runs the world and how much many white people arent ready to give up there white prilvege.Many of them are part of the problem not the solution .And dont really care ,what effect it has on people of colour or how angry it makes people of colour .

I feel like Munroe has taught me to press on with my dreams of starting my own beauty brand in the future .And to keep vlogging and blogging as my story is important as a women of colour.I think the only way to rid the world of white supremacy ,is for us people of colour .To tell our stories and not wait on white people to get rid of white supreamacy .

I also think Munroe is having the last laugh ,as she now been offered another makeup brand contract with illamasqua ,which accepts her just as she is and doesnt expect her to keep silence over white privllage and racism.

Well done to illamasqua for standing up to injustice and racism.




Aftress Bohemian Bulk hair review

I thought I would review my favourite brand of curly hair extension. Which I use for my crochet braids.I wear crochet braids because there easy to manage ,cheap to do and the only hairstyle I can do without anyone’s help.And there a great way of protecting my hair and reduce hair styling time.

The hair l am wearing in this picture is Aftress Bohemian bulk in colour 1.Its a lovely brand of hair soft and a beautiful size curl.And Aftress brand has more hair in the bag compare to Freetress and Glance model model.I usually buy three bags which cost me £4.99 each.I only use 2 bags and a half for the crochet style .And refresh it over the weeks as the hair gets flat with the left over hair.Its suppose to be curling iron safe but I havent use heat on it.I would recommend it the curls are smaller then water wave Freetress brand but its beautiful all the same.


Franca Sozzani


Franca Sozzani was the editor of a high end western fashion magazine called Vogue IT, its target market from its beginning was rich white upper class women with a disposable income.But now its brought by fashion loving girls on a council estate like me. Unfortunately this holiday season, Franca Sozzani passed .

One of the reasons why I’m writing about her,is she is one of the only white women from a privilege background that took a risk .When it comes to mainstream magazines targeted at white western women.

She took a stand and created Vogue Black years ago, after the western fashion industry was criticised for repeatedly only showing one type of beauty e.g thin white women.And ignoring women of colour especially black women.

Vogue Black is a part of Vogue It where you see fashion from a Black western perspective ,as well as sometimes talking about issues like politics .Its a really interesting read and amazing since I don’t think Italy has a huge black population compare to Brazil,USA and Britain.Where the population runs into the millions.

Franca faced heavy criticism from the western fashion industry for her new approach  but she stuck too her guns.And I salute her for it. As its not easy swimming against the tide especially when money is involved .And your livelihood,as well as the people you employ lives are at stake too.

Franca also created Vogue Curvy.Vogue Curvy is a lovely part of the Vogue It. Where you can find ,more diverse images of women. It shows,not just stick thin white women ,you can see curvy women too.Its such a change from the normal. Franca really tried too do something different ,its a shame that British Editor Alexandra Shulman and American Anna Wintour don’t take a leap from Franca book.

Franca risked losing advertising revenue (which keeps the magazine in print and pays the staff plus print bill ) .By having enough faith ,in portraying that women come in all colours ,shapes and sizes.And that its all beautiful and should be clebrated.Its a risk that other Vogue editions in USA, France , Britain  refuse to take.So you know its a brave editorial decision.

Lastly one of the great things about Vogue Black/Curvy is its in English too as well as Italian.Thats great as I don’t read or speak Italian.Thanks Franca your effort is appreciated

I think it shows you just how much racism is ingrain in the elite world of fashion in the west.Hopefully bloggers and YouTuber can change that .Please comment , subscribe and share on social media.

Singer 4411 heavy duty sewing machine

Its official I’m no longer a slave too fashion anymore .I’ve brought the Singer 4411 sewing machine for £137.99 from Amazon.Its a cute machine ,I have been able to sew through several layers of fabric with this sewing machine. I had a polka dot cotton canvas bag that fake leather straps broken off and needed repairing.I manage to attach it ,back too the bag with this sewing machine.And I only use a size 14 needle.One con this this machine is the universal size needle I brought don’t fit this machine.So I will have to buy specific singer size needles.But apart from that its a nice machine.

One of the reason I brought this machine is I’m I’m fed up of having to diet ,to fit into ready made clothes .And want to work with the body god give me.I hope to sew clothes as well as handbags with this machine.And I will do a video review soon.

Watch this space.Picture 79

Broken arse student

Its official my arse is to broke to be studying art.I broken various cheap crayons and paintings .Some work better then others.I brought a set of oil pastel years ago called boldmere from The works .They lovely and vibrant colours but there not blending at all.I think I will have to donate them to my niece and nephew who are five and one. They will appreciate them more and get more use out of them.I have brought English cheap pastels and crayons and German brand ones.And the German brand one even if cheap are easily to use and blend with.Maybe that’s why Germany dominate the EU .They make excellent stuff.I will review my German brand water colours crayon in the future .




The other thing I brought was watercolor pencils from poundworld.These were pretty shit.There only blendable if you dip them in water. You can’t paint it on paper get a strong colour pay off.Then use your brush.Waste of money.They not even great for kids.But I will still give it to my niece and nephew ,there to young to know there anything wrong with the pencils lol



As a Art student I have a lot of reading to do,here’s what I am reading now. I love drawing and love learning new things .And just want to be a better artist and make a living from my art. Where its selling handbags, I sew or selling my drawings ,thats what makes me trick in life.

Here’s the link to my art blog its part of my degree so I mainly talk about art and my studies .Please comment and share

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