Where are all the Black Women fitness YouTubers

Where are all the Black Women fitness YouTubers? I love the gym and love weight training but I have notice there not many black women who are fitness YouTubers who weight train and film it.Its disappointing

I need to get on this fitness game .We black women go gym but we just dont seem to do YouTube fitness videos.I see hijab somalis sisters at the gym but when I  search on YouTube and cant find us.Only Bernice pop up .Bernice is in serious shape big up ,she inspiration

I need to be the change I want to see as health is wealth.Here quick video of me lifting .I need to get gym buddy to film with .So I can get better videos out.

This is Ernestine Shepherd is 81 African American woman who is the oldest body builder .She started training at 56 years old .She in tip top shape .She’s inspiration ,check my weight training video below



Lost my YouTube Channel

Folks I lost my YouTube Whatbettywore  due to community strikes .I think it was my nude photo of Naomi Campbell breast and my thumbnail of my booty from my twerk video that put the nail in the coffin for me.Plus they were couple haters dedicated to trying to get me of YouTube. I must say I was upset too lose my videos but I have most videos back up on my old pc hard drive. I appealed but YouTube said no.Then my gossip channel Betty gallery went too.

I have taken it as a new beginning and launch a new website called BrownSugarmag. I have few people writing articles for me .For a while I was thinking of giving up YouTube or changing the direction. lts been blessing in disguise.I started to plan my time better.

Lessons I would tell folks , back up all your videos you create on portable hard drive ,just in case you get cancelled.You dont want to lose all you videos and memories too.

Have couple of YouTube channels on the go and make them about different topics too.

Read community guidelines and don’t preach hate speech even if you don’t agree with homosexuality or transgenders.You will get cancelled by YouTube.

Promote your own website or services on YouTube channel or review stuff.That way your not likely to be cancelled by YouTube.

Create paypal donation button ,that way folks can donate too and you dont have to rely on Google adsense for funds.

Losing my channels has give me time to regenerate and think of a new direction.I realise there more to life then YouTube.l also realise l need to start selling stuff via my remaining YouTube channels.To support my passion for being a YouTuber

And check this video when YouTube delete a Swoop channel of 600,000 subscribers for no reason and wasnt give her channel back.She just had to suck it up and start a fresh.

Some times a disappointment is a blessing in disguise.

Hairdressing school

I have started hairdressing school in September .I am hairdressing NVQ level 1 at Salford college. I am enjoying to be honest and always loved styling hair. l got hairdressing kit and uniform too.Its nice to learn to style Caucasian hair ,which is mostly straight or wavy. I was happy with the uniform but not happy there was no bag with hairdressing kit.l have to use my small suitcase to carry my kit. I got two training heads with brown hair too.I would have liked blonde one, as Lilac semi permanent hair colour did show up on the brown training head. My training kit is from dennis williams

Hairdressing is lots of fun ,so many style I would like too do.I will take some photos of my hair kit soon but check out my video on my hair kit


Hey guys so sorry, its been long time, since I’ve updated this blog , forgive me.But I have been on the hunt again, for budget Wetlook eyeliner and Felt eyeliner. I thought I would try MUA makeup brand this time. I came across there Winged Wonder liner which is felt tip liner and there Wet Look eyeliner which is liquid liner. I found these in Superdrug , the Wet Look eyeliner cost £3 and felt liner was £2. I sampled them on my hand before I brought them because I hate wasting my money.

MUA MakeUp Brand

I must say I like MUA Wet Look Eyeliner, it has good staying power and it doesn’t stink my eyes like the Essie liquid eyeliner I brought. It stayed on for 8 hours and has very black but it did smudge a bit as I have very watery eyes. I let it dry for 10 minutes once I apply it before I go out ,which helps its not smudge.I would recommend this product for ladies on small budget.

The Winged Wonder liner is disappointing .Its seems alright on your hand and full of pigment .But once its in your makeup bag for a week or so , its very dry and doesn’t seem to go on once you have your foundation on .Its waste of money honestly .I would ask for my money back if I could find the receipt.I can’t recommend this product.

I also brought Maybelline Super Stay 7 days nail vanish nail colour in colour Divine Wine 265.Its a beautiful colour and it will go beautifully with my black henna.I cant remember how much it was though .

Maybelline Nail Vanish


Equipment for filming documentary.

Hi I want to start a new website called brown sugar mag and I need to buy a few new  things to film on the street.For the street interviews. The new website going to force on Black British experience .


The first thing I brought was two new batteries for my Nikon d5100 ,as filming drains batteries very quickly.The next thing I brought was external microphone to record the sound .Then I brought tripod to hold the camera steady.I also brought USB card reader and usb battery charger for my Nikon batterries. Lastly I brought Camera battery grip so my Nikon 5100 camera can use two batteries when filming. There a few other things l need to brought but l will blog them when I buy them.


Megan Markle marrying the prince !

Megan Markle is going to marry Prince Harry  and I wanted to blog about this .As I feel like its important .Due to the fact that she’s of African Descent with an African American women and White American father.

Megan Markle

Shes classically beautiful and fits the western standard of beauty e.g thin narrow nose and thin lips. But due to her African heritage she looks Spanish looking , she could pass for Spanish or Italian unless you see her with her curly hair .She normal wears it straight.I think she’s the accepted face of black Britain , she not too black but black enough for British political elite to ignore the accusations of institutionalize racism. She,’ll be use to promote multi racial society supposing living in harmony around the world and especially in Africa. YouTuber Jade mention this in her video worth a watch, please show Jade Dill channel some love.

I think if she had the true stereotype negro African features .e.g the  brown skin , thick wide nose, thick lips and curly hair .She wouldn’t be marrying the prince. She would be hes mistress kept in the shadows or if she was the bride she would face a barge of criticism. And vire racism.


What fun is even though she could pass for white ,she still faced racism and attacks. From the media Daily Mirror and social media. What’s also strange is Harry is being presented as this benevolent humanitarian crusader. But wasn’t he the one who dress up in the Nazi uniform

prince_harry_nazi  And arent the royal family well recorded as being racist.But sometimes love has a strange way of making folks not see the obviously.

There a huge media campaign wage , showcasing him as a clone of hes mother. He’s photography with African kids, my shade of brown .With a very sad story like there parents have died .And Harry doing everything he can to change there future by raising money while not using hes own money .This is to take away for hes mistake of the past.

Prince Harry Windsor

Looks like its working, I haven’t heard the mainstream media mention the racism in the royal family .I have only heard People of colour mention it. Like Yasim Brown here

Only time will tell if the marriage works. But I don’t expect her to help race relations in Britain. Having a princess of African descent in Britain isn’t going to do shit for me or most people of African descent in Britain. It looks like a propaganda exercise. What funny about it is shes not the first women of African descent on the British throne.

British Queen Charlotte was the wife of George III and of German descent. But she also was of African ancestry. And Philippa of Hainault (1314-69), consort of Edward III also was of African descent. Read about them both in this Guardian article



Whats your thoughts would you marry a man with a past and family likes hes?

Doing What You Love

Doing what you love is what I promise myself , I will be do this year. No more excuses.But when I say doing what I love .I have been doing it for about a year or so. And I haven’t made enough money doing it. But this year I am dedicated to it and making it a liveable income. Deep down I don’t think I believed, I could make an income but this year.I am making steps to up my skills, so I can make a living income . I have enrolled in a few free online courses at .https://alison.com .I am studying a  diploma in Photography, one in Maths course and another English course to help with my English Grammar and punctuation since English isn’t my native language.

The Photography course is really fun.Its taken me a long time to realise I am very creative. I grew up in a Nigerian house where the only thing my parents valued was academia, since there both teachers and so was my paternal grandfather.Arts were frowned a upon.People from my background on a council estate didn’t become Photographer , Artist etc.They were to busy struggling to survive.

But lucky I am an adult now and can do what I want. I am working on my own personal photography portfolio website to showcase my photos.I honestly never realise that I take a lot of photos.

I took this photo in Salford or Wigan but it was on cheap compact camera Nikon L29 .Its beautiful photo.I didnt realise I have a good eye for photography.

Sunset via the lake
Sunset via the lake in Leigh

I am also working on my other website for my other project Brown Sugar Mag. I am super busy and enjoying the break from YouTube. I am also trying to read a book or too.I miss YouTube but not prepared to do lots of  YouTube videos and only make 100 dollars a year.I want to be a photographer ,animator , illustrator , child book author and a handbag designer. No more mediocre living and making mediocre income. Its about doing what I love and being paid to do it.I want to go back to college in September to get Maths and English GCSE too. YouTube can wait they’ve been exploiting small YouTuber like me for years.

There many Fashion bloggers and photographers who have inspired me to follow my dreams link below.

Dazhaneleah whos a student photographer


There blackish Gold who’s Somalian American fashion Instagram blogger


Yasin Osman Somalian Canadian Photographer hes story is below

Time to go ,please comment and subscribe .Sorry to my YouTube subbies but I need time out to do me. Love Betty.