Virgin Train Review

I traveled to London on a day trip via Virgin Trains. Its the second time traveling via Virgin trains. I manage to get discount ticket via Unidays of £15 single from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly. What I liked about it was I was able to reserve a window and table seat in the quiet part of the train.

The train was on time and  nice and clean but unfortunate there was a man snoring loudly. The quiet carriage I had booked was no longer quiet due to him. Secondly he put hes feet on my chairs blocking the fairway .The seats were very uncomfortable and had no real padding , so it felt like seating on lead. I wish I brought a padded cushion. The train was 3 hours at night instead of the normal 2 and 10 minutes longer like in the day time.The leg rooms was fine.But the Wifi wasn’t good as it keep losing signal. So I had to use my data allowance instead. The toilets was nice , clean and very spacious .I would have to give Virgin trains 6 out of 10 due to all the problems.

If I am honest in some ways the coach to London is better as the seats are more comfortable and WiFi works a lot better and its cheaper.


Where are all the Black Women fitness YouTubers

Where are all the Black Women fitness YouTubers? I love the gym and love weight training but I have notice there not many black women who are fitness YouTubers who weight train and film it.Its disappointing

I need to get on this fitness game .We black women go gym but we just dont seem to do YouTube fitness videos.I see hijab somalis sisters at the gym but when I  search on YouTube and cant find us.Only Bernice pop up .Bernice is in serious shape big up ,she inspiration

I need to be the change I want to see as health is wealth.Here quick video of me lifting .I need to get gym buddy to film with .So I can get better videos out.

This is Ernestine Shepherd is 81 African American woman who is the oldest body builder .She started training at 56 years old .She in tip top shape .She’s inspiration ,check my weight training video below


Lost my YouTube Channel

Folks I lost my YouTube Whatbettywore  due to community strikes .I think it was my nude photo of Naomi Campbell breast and my thumbnail of my booty from my twerk video that put the nail in the coffin for me.Plus they were couple haters dedicated to trying to get me of YouTube. I must say I was upset too lose my videos but I have most videos back up on my old pc hard drive. I appealed but YouTube said no.Then my gossip channel Betty gallery went too.

I have taken it as a new beginning and launch a new website called BrownSugarmag. I have few people writing articles for me .For a while I was thinking of giving up YouTube or changing the direction. lts been blessing in disguise.I started to plan my time better.

Lessons I would tell folks , back up all your videos you create on portable hard drive ,just in case you get cancelled.You dont want to lose all you videos and memories too.

Have couple of YouTube channels on the go and make them about different topics too.

Read community guidelines and don’t preach hate speech even if you don’t agree with homosexuality or transgenders.You will get cancelled by YouTube.

Promote your own website or services on YouTube channel or review stuff.That way your not likely to be cancelled by YouTube.

Create paypal donation button ,that way folks can donate too and you dont have to rely on Google adsense for funds.

Losing my channels has give me time to regenerate and think of a new direction.I realise there more to life then YouTube.l also realise l need to start selling stuff via my remaining YouTube channels.To support my passion for being a YouTuber

And check this video when YouTube delete a Swoop channel of 600,000 subscribers for no reason and wasnt give her channel back.She just had to suck it up and start a fresh.

Some times a disappointment is a blessing in disguise.

Making lingerie

I started to make my own lingerie and brought some pink stretchy lace for it and pretty pink bra straps .I would like to make a bralette. There couple of bralette styles I like. I hate bras with wire in them ,there so uncomfortable ,so I mainly wear bralette.I like the girls to be free and be able to bounce.


lace bra


Hey guys so sorry, its been long time, since I’ve updated this blog , forgive me.But I have been on the hunt again, for budget Wetlook eyeliner and Felt eyeliner. I thought I would try MUA makeup brand this time. I came across there Winged Wonder liner which is felt tip liner and there Wet Look eyeliner which is liquid liner. I found these in Superdrug , the Wet Look eyeliner cost £3 and felt liner was £2. I sampled them on my hand before I brought them because I hate wasting my money.

MUA MakeUp Brand

I must say I like MUA Wet Look Eyeliner, it has good staying power and it doesn’t stink my eyes like the Essie liquid eyeliner I brought. It stayed on for 8 hours and has very black but it did smudge a bit as I have very watery eyes. I let it dry for 10 minutes once I apply it before I go out ,which helps its not smudge.I would recommend this product for ladies on small budget.

The Winged Wonder liner is disappointing .Its seems alright on your hand and full of pigment .But once its in your makeup bag for a week or so , its very dry and doesn’t seem to go on once you have your foundation on .Its waste of money honestly .I would ask for my money back if I could find the receipt.I can’t recommend this product.

I also brought Maybelline Super Stay 7 days nail vanish nail colour in colour Divine Wine 265.Its a beautiful colour and it will go beautifully with my black henna.I cant remember how much it was though .

Maybelline Nail Vanish


Am I British or English!

Am I British or English or African? Is a question posed many times by various people.I consider myself British African because I was born and raised in Britain but genetically I am of black African descent. And my whole family are Nigerians and mainly live in Nigeria.

In the era of Brexit ,there a lot of hate about.People demanding that people with duel heritage choose a side.Its a winner takes all game .You don’t want to be on the losing side.I ain’t choosing nothing , Britain and Africa made me who I am.And happy to have duel heritage and two passports.I am happy to be black British. I personally think ,native white Britons are going through identity crisis because half of them feel like there losing there identity to the Pan European project .And because there use to calling the shots.

British native white people are having to confront ,what there forebears have done around the world under the British empire and the after effects .And many , only want to take the good things under empire but don’t want to deal with the bad parts  of empire and its effects .And how it made many black and brown people feel inferior and stole there resources.But that’s life , karma a bitch,you reap what you sow.You cant have you cake and eat it.


Its very strange for me to hear white Britons complain about there European cousins moving to Britain ,while there living in Europe and around the world. Its just hypocrisy , very self centred and immature.

White Britons aren’t taught about the British empire. And think Black and Brown people are just desperate to come to a small island of the north sea.There taught that there superior and the culture is superior.And that everyone has to do things there way. Its very racist and rooted in bare aggression .Its also very annoying.I have got to the point where I wont talk to white Britons about racism ,as many just don’t care and enjoy being at the top .They see life as competition and that they have divine right to rule over black and brown people even though there minority in the world.

They see themselves as the white race and have duty to civilize black people to there way of doing things .So they can loot there resources and build up there native land at the expense of others.E.g the white man burden. Many white people think they gave birth to black folk , when its actually the other way around .Black women gave birth to humanity and contain all the genetic material to reproduce every creed , human and colour on the planet.

But we get little respect as black women ,we are seen as extension of black men .When its us black women ,who gave birth to black men.Black men are extension of us, without us they wouldn’t even be on the planet.Once baby boys get off breast milk and on solids they start thinking there somebody and better then the women that birther them, its disgusting .

One day us black women will stand up and demand the respect we deserve.Its not easy being the mother of humanity .NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.BLACKGIRLMAGIC ALL THE WAY